September 2020 Governors Message

Greetings District 6250 Rotarians!
Welcome to September, where we Rotarians turn our attention to the good works surrounding Basic Education and Literacy.  We also look forward to our district’s upcoming Vibrant Club Workshop, our Interact Clubs firing up in schools across the district,  and an unusual opportunity for all to become involved in our Rotary Zone activities at the Rotary Zone Institute from September 8-13.
More on that in a few moments… but I first want to return to the groundbreaking, earth shaking news of August 6th
On May 4, 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled that Rotary Clubs could no longer exclude women from membership on the basis of gender.  At the first gathering of the Rotary Council of Legislation following the decision, Rotary moved to admit women into Rotary Clubs worldwide.  This remains a watershed moment in the history of Rotary.
The response to the decision was overwhelming:  By June 1990, the number had skyrocketed to over 20,000.  By July 2016, the number of women worldwide had surpassed 250,000.  Women immediately embraced the leadership opportunities provided by their clubs and have been making an impact in communities around the world.
District 6250 embraced the moment as well.  Sharon K. Imes of La Crosse became our first female District Governor in 1997-1998.  Mary Beth Growney-Selene of Madison followed soon after as District Governor in 2000-2001, and was then selected to join the Rotary International Board of Directors from 2013-2015, and then a Rotary Foundation Trustee in 2016-2017.  We have been ably led by 6 female District Governors, and Karen Hebert will become our 7th in 2021-2022.  Women now represent over 36% of our membership in District 6250.
Which brings me to the present now.  On August 6th, The Rotary International Nominating Committee selected Jennifer E. Jones of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario Canada to serve as Rotary International President for the 2022-23 Rotary year, a groundbreaking selection that will make her the first woman to hold the office of President in Rotary’s 115-year history.
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Social Kitchen Global Grant Update - Follow up from RotaryFest

With this report we would like to update you with the current status of the Social Kitchen project.
Thanks to your financial support this project could kicked off in 2019.

RC Olsztyn Varmia worked hard together with Food Bank in Olsztyn to renovate the venue and buy the
gastronomy equipment to open Social Kitchen. As reported last time, just after the opening in September 2019, fire destroyed 2/3 of the building, where Social K itchen is placed. The losses were estimated at about €1 million. With great support from local, regional and countrywide communities and also insurance coverage (80% of the losses) the venue has been restored again. It was ready to re open in March 2020.  Then, COVID 19 stroke in Poland and Olsztyn, which paused the launch of the face to face trainings.
Finally in May 2020 the first gastronomy vocational trainings were initiated. Together in May and June, 6 trainings took place, which engaged 80 participants and lasted 48 hours.
Yours in Rotary Service,
Edwin Bos
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Rotary Club of Mayville Supports P.A.V.E. with Disaster Relief Grant

Imagine living in the same home as your abuser. The pandemic hits, escalating stress and tensions. A bad situation becomes untenable, and you know: you MUST get out. You MUST find a safe place to stay. For residents of the Beaver Dam area, that safe place to stay might be P.A.V.E, an organization that provides services and shelter to survivors of violence.

Unfortunately, the pandemic brought not only rising cases of violence, but with it, additional challenges in keeping the shelter a safe and healthy place:
  • Additional cleaning and sterilization processes needed to be put in place. 
  • More personal hygiene and protection supplies, like masks, were needed. 
  • Additional entertainment supplies were needed to help keep shelter residents occupied.
Dedicated Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Mayville saw a need in their community, and being People of Action, stepped up. With the help of a Disaster Relief Grant from Rotary District 6250, the Rotary Club of Mayville provided needed cleaning and personal hygiene supplies— including 35 handmade face masks—along with entertainment items, to P.A.V.E for use in their shelter.

We are Rotarians. We are People of Action. We believe in Service Above Self. Together, we EMPOWER.
Rotary Club of Mayville Supports P.A.V.E. with Disaster Relief Grant Josh Mansee 2020-08-24 05:00:00Z 0 Foundation,Saving Mothers & Children
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August 2020 Governors Message

Twenty years ago a man named Chuck Hanson, an attorney that worked in downtown La Crosse, invited me to join Rotary.  Back then, that was the common practice.  A business person invited you to join Rotary because he thought it would be good for business and good for the community, and you said yes.
If It was not for Chuck (yes… that one – our past District Governor) it is unlikely I would be a Rotarian.
August is Membership and Extension month.  In District 6250, our Membership Committee thinks every month is August – they are continually focused on helping clubs grow and thrive.  More to come from John Locke and the membership team later.  Be sure to use this valuable district resource to make your club stronger and more vibrant.
Growing a vibrant membership was my entrance into Rotary at a beyond-my-club level.  For three+ years, I was the District Membership Chair. I focused on traveling around our district with my sidekick Joe Ruskey (yup – also a past District Governor) on how strong clubs create a strong Foundation… and vice-versa.  During my travels, I crafted ten tips to attract and retain members. These tips proved effective: our District had growing membership during two of these three years – and the third year was flat.  So If you’re looking to add members to your club, consider taking a page from these 10 tips...
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Foundation Highlights August 2020


Highlights from the Foundation

On behalf of the Rotary District 6250 Foundation Committee, thank you all for your service and gifts of time, talent and treasure this past Rotary year!
While there are always obstacles, this year has been particularly challenging with the pandemic. While we work to adapt to limited social interactions, travel and in many ways a new lifestyle, our District continues to do its good work in our communities and abroad almost without pause.  This is only possible because of the efforts of each of our committee members, and our many amazingly generous Rotarians in District 6250. 
Read a few highlights of our Foundation team's accomplishments in the past Rotary year.
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Rotary Magazine Highlight August 2020

Our own Karen Kendrick Hands talking about the new 7th area of focus - the Environment. 5 Questions on Environmental Projects

1. How does the environment fit into Rotary’s areas of focus?

Any project in any area of focus will benefit from having environmental sustainability as one of its watchwords. It’s a lot harder to supply clean water to people if your watershed is compromised— if your river is full of industrial, human, and animal waste. Basic education and literacy is a challenge when kids are sick because the school well is contaminated. Health is affected when insects carrying diseases expand their geographic range due to changing climate patterns. Water wars and climate refugees will make achieving peace and conflict resolution more complicated. Economic development is slowed when there’s not adequate energy. Rotary would do a huge service to the world if it moved every water project from a diesel pump to wind or solar. That’s a project that’s scalable.

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July 2020 Governors Message

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Rotary Year! This year, the Rotary theme is “Rotary Opens Opportunities”.
Each month, District Governor Bill Pritchard will share some thoughts and goings on from around the district.  Click on the link below to read Bill's July message.
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