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Video Transcript:

Happy Foundation Month!

So far, you’ve had a lot of opportunities to show your support for the Foundation. I hope many of you saw success with Polio Fundraisers and celebration of our Polio Eradication efforts in October. While November is Foundation Month, we know that giving happens all year round. Please remember your giving goals and remember that giving to the Annual Fund is important as it gives us immense value through funds that come back through Grants that amplify our impact.

As of the end of October, our progress to District Goals are:

  • 25% to the Annual Fund: $82,492
  • 17% to Polio Plus: $22,520

*Those numbers likely don't include the great work done on World Polio Day!

If you're still hoping to recognize people that give to Polio Plus or want to continue supporting our District Polio Challenge, check out the links for some helpful info to get started. Don't forget about our District Polio Plus Challenge to hit $130,000 in giving to Polio Plus by March 30th.

Another opportunity for individuals and clubs is Giving Tuesday, on November 29th. You might encourage giving or simply find ways to thank donors in your clubs and communities.. As we reflect on the good we’ve done together, we're so grateful for the generosity of all of you. We’re grateful to everyone in District 6250 for supporting our Annual Fund, which enables Rotary members to keep making a difference by improving people’s health, supporting high-quality education, protecting the environment, and alleviating poverty.

Shifting to another topic but one that certainly contributes to our Foundation Giving - and that topic is Membership!

As of today, membership District-wide is relatively flat at a net of -9 members. Several clubs have seen nice growth while most are even or down a member or two on the year. Now's the time to think membership growth. One tool to support that is our District Membership Grant Programs.

Let's chat about our New Member Grant Program. We give five $1,000 New Member Project Grants that will be provided for new Rotary club members to use towards a service project of their choice, helping them jumpstart their involvement with their clubs. Engaging new members early helps improve member satisfaction and retention. The deadline to apply is December 1st. Let us support you with a grant. Check out the links to learn more. The application is simple and you won't regret the small amount of time to make a big impact on your clubs. One last thank you Thanks for all you're doing to support The Rotary Foundation and the comfort and care you're providing to our members.

See you next month!