International service projects improve life for the people served and create the humanitarian culture that we experience as Rotarians. This is true at every level of Rotary including your club and our District 6250.
District 6250 has many resources available to help your club achieve the international goals you have chosen. Those resources include mentoring, networking, and funding. Keep reading for a brief overview for reference while planning your next international service project.
The International Service Committee (ISC) reviews multi-district projects, disaster response projects, and projects submitted by clubs. ISC can help connect you to projects in need of partners or provide a mentor to help guide you through process of creating a project. Contact Chuck Hanson at
The District 6250 Foundation, Inc. offers an opportunity to donate to international service projects and offer tax-deductible contributions to your club’s service projects. For example, clubs wanting to donate for  Disaster Response projects can give to a dedicated fund for that purpose maintained by the District 6250 Foundation. Your club can also set up a donor advised fund to accept donations for club projects.   Contact Chuck Hanson at
The Rotary Foundation Committee offers mentors to complete matching grant applications. District Grants and Global Grants are available to help fund projects of any size. Rotary Foundation grants reduce the club investment necessary to complete  a project. That means you can plan a larger project or use club funds to complete more than one service project. Contact Dwight Heaney at
The District 6250 Website provides access to details about these services, links to other sources of information, and funding opportunities. The headings titled Serve, District 6250 Foundation, and Foundations/Grants have information provided by each of these groups.
District 6250 encourages every club to include international service in your club activities. We are here to help you get started, expand your involvement, or find funding to achieve your goals.