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Video Transcript:

Hi there!

Before I jump in to this months message I have to thank the 300+ Rotarians around the District that have taken our District-wide member survey. We appreciate the feedback on both how Your District leaders are providing strength and support as well as learning how we can improve, and provide more impactful value in new ways. If you haven’t yet taken the survey, visit the link on the homepage of and do so before the survey closes at the end of the month.

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month. All over the world, gender can still affect a person’s ability to get an education, funding for a small business, or proper health care. We know that projects that improve the health, well-being, education, and economic security of girls will have a positive impact on the next generation of empowered female leaders. While all kinds of people need this same life changing support, our initiative of empowering women and girls remains a focus. You can help by Developing a club-based initiative or apply for a district grant or global grant to fund a project that promotes girls’ health, education, or economic independence. From supporting a local women’s shelter to improving girls’ access to water and sanitation, every project can make a big difference. Do you have something in the works? Share your story or let me know, I’d love to share your story with and for you!

For a second year, Rotary International, Kiwanis International, Lions Clubs International, and Optimist International are working together to celebrate and give back to our communities with a week of collaborative service held September 11-17. Invite these groups to work with you and increase the impact in your communities. If you’ve already completed a  project, please share to inspire others and show how working together can be awesome.

When we pause in a Rotary moment and look around  - it's clear that our leadership and action are full of life and opportunity. In Rotary like much of life, the pause can be difficult and it can seem like we're always looking forward. I look forward to many mindful pauses this year - and - while our year is just getting started, we are looking ahead to the 2025-26 Rotary year and choosing our District Governor who will lead us, following District Governor Nominee Todd Restel. We'd love your help finding our next Governor. Your club is not required to submit a nomination, but Rotary works hard to grow leaders, and build a solid leadership line. If you know someone who would be a good choice, let us know - by contacting Nominating Committee Chair Bill Pritchard. You can get his contact info in the links below.

Many of you have already started to look ahead to October, making plans for to support a pollinator project for Environmental Days of Service, kicking off fall fundraisers like pork barbecues and brat fries, and of course, planning for World Polio Day on October 24th. Don't miss the update from our District Foundation Chair, Dwight Heany, in this months Dispatch, where we kick off our Polio Plus Society. Happy planning, and don't forget to tell the story of your projects and the impact they have on people - Indeed, we do serve to change lives as last years theme said so perfectly.

This year, we've been asked to Imagine Rotary — and to imagine a world where we each contribute to lasting positive change. When we dream big — we can make our dreams a reality. Keep dreaming, keep doing, and keep being awesome! Bye!