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Rotary International District 6250
Karen Hebert,  District Governor 2021-2022
Nomination of District Governor 2024-2025
Dear Club President,
I want to assure you I am enjoying my year as your District Governor immensely.  However, it is time for our District to select the next person to join the Governor Line.  This person would be District Governor in 2024-25.  Your club is allowed to suggest one of its members for this position, although they need to meet the following qualifications:
The person selected as a governor-nominee shall at the time of selection:
(a) be a member in good standing of a functioning club in the district;
(b) have served as club president for a full term or as charter president for at least six months;
(c) demonstrate willingness, commitment, and ability to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a governor in section 16.030.;
(d) demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of governor as prescribed in the bylaws; and
(e) submit to RI a statement that the Rotarian understands those qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, is qualified for the office of governor, and is willing and able to assume and faithfully perform those duties and responsibilities.
Your club is not required to submit a nomination.  But Rotary works hard to grow leaders, and build a solid leadership line.  If you know someone who would be a good choice, let us know.  Contact Nominating Committee Chair Edwin Bos with any questions at (920) 563-9461, or email him at
I have linked for reference a copy of the qualifications to be considered as a candidate for the position of District Governor Nominee, a job description and also a club nomination resolution.  At this point we are asking just for potential candidates.  The forms can be submitted a bit later in the process once we confirm the suggested individuals are qualified and interested in the interview process.    

District Governor Nomination Resolution

District Governor Job Description

Qualifications of the District Governor Nominee

District Governor Nominee Form
Yours in service,
Karen Hebert
District Governor 2021-2022


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