RAH experienced the joy of making sure “no kid sleeps on the floor in our town”.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP) is a nationwide organization started in 2012. The non-profit organization is a group of volunteers dedicated to finding those children who are sleeping on the floor or otherwise unwanted conditions. Such children would receive hand-built beds free of charge. For sponsorships of $250 per bed, the organization provides a complete bed to a deserving child- which includes the frame, mattress, pillow, sheets, and a comforter. With this project, Rotary After Hours of La Crosse experienced the joy of making sure “no kid sleeps on the floor in our town”- also the motto of the organization.

RAH’s Shark Tank themed meeting (from the television show) is where club members present potential ideas for a chance to receive up to $10k in support donated to their cause. With the help of our club donation from the Shark Tank Program of $5k, and a Rotary District Grant of a matching $5k, we were able to provide $10,000 to Sleep in Heavenly Peace and sponsor a group build day to provide (40) beds to deserving children in the La Crosse Area by Fall of 2022.

The SHP of La Crosse County has delivered 225 beds to deserving children since 2019. Many local organizations including Festival, Kwik Trip, and Marine Credit- to name a few- have supported the organization with volunteer build days for the building of beds. So far, no area Rotary Club in the La Crosse Area has worked with SHP to volunteer their time, support, and monetary contribution to the organization till now. RAH hopes to establish a lasting relationship with SHP locally for years to come.

RAH members volunteered their time to build the beds hands on using tools and equipment. Following, the SHP President/Core Team and a few selected RAH members personally delivered the beds to the children. The expectation was that these beds last for years as the children grow, and perhaps beyond the original child’s need. Eventually the beds can be handed down to other siblings or within the family or larger community. The beds are property of the child/family after they sign a release waiver with SHP.

The only challenges that could have come to fruition would be any physical skills needed to perform the tasks for this event. Thankfully, SHP was patient and worked well with those that needed to learn during this exciting, fun, and impactful service event. For more information: you may contact Stephanie Kline at: stefaniekline@yahoo.com or Phil Waselik at: pwaselik@me.com.

VIDEO LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcY9YZKcMow