One of my favorite habits is sitting down to read the Rotary Magazine delivered to my home each month by the USPS (to be read as “Yes, I actually still enjoy the tactile feeling of the Rotary Magazine instead of the electronic version.”)  However, just so you don’t think that I am too old school, I also love reading the electronic version our District 6250’s monthly Dispatch as well as my own Rotary Club of La Crosse’s weekly Coulee Report.  I never get tired of reading, seeing and hearing stories about “People of Action” and “Service Above Self.”  In my mind, I am able to connect these stories to the many fellow Rotarians that I have come to know as I enter my sixteenth year of being a Rotarian and to those Rotarians to whom I might not personally know but still inspire me.
Over the next twelve months, I plan to share Rotary.  As you think about our Rotary District 6250, we are blessed to have dozens of leaders and teams who are diligently working to be sure that our District is supporting you and your club.  For those of you who are newer to Rotary and don’t necessarily understand the District’s role, here is how I think of Rotary at the club and District levels.  Your club exists to serve its members, while the District exists to serve its clubs.  Stated in plain English, the club is there to serve you.  The District exists to serve its clubs.  With 52 Rotary Clubs in our District, it takes a hard working group of Rotarians to fulfill the District’s responsibilities, many of which are required by Rotary International.  If serving clubs in our District piques your interest, please reach out directly to me or one of the leaders listed on our website (
One of my goals this year is to highlight our clubs and our closely related Rotary organizations which exist beyond our clubs’ four walls, including TriCon, Midwest PETS, and Zone 29, etc.  Each of these Rotary groups strengthen our District and our clubs.
Another goal is to provide support for our clubs to grow in membership.  I encourage our current members to reach out and recruit new members.  I frequently describe inviting someone to join Rotary as the greatest gift a person could ever give to someone about whom they may respect, love, care for or simply for a stranger in whom they see potential.
Our incoming Rotary International President is Stephanie Urchick. Stephanie is a member of the Rotary Club of McMurray, Pennsylvania. During her year, she is prioritizing Peacebuilding as one of her top priorities.  During my club visits, I will be following Stephanie’s lead by sharing my personal story and weaving in two of Rotary’s Areas of Focus:  1- Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution and 2 - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.
In closing, I am honored to have this opportunity to work side by side with my fellow District 6250 Rotarians both this year and beyond.  As you contemplate this year about what Rotary means to you, please make time to share Rotary with someone.  
Todd Restel
District Governor 6250
Rotary Year 2024-2025