Does your club need a fun and inspiring way to make an impact on the push to End Polio Now and wipe this disease from the face of the planet?!
Hungry to End Polio Now can help your clubs efforts to:
  • Raise money for Polio Plus
  • Grow the percentage of members giving to the Foundation
  • Grow club awareness of, and pride in, Rotary's work to eradicate polio
  • Grow appreciation for the end of a threat to a child's health and future during a global pandemic
  • Grow club awareness of, and pride in, 6250's work to end hunger and food insecurity
Bring your club together to raise funds for Polio Plus while also providing a humbling challenge (if you wish) that those who still experience Polio in their communities may also be facing. That challenge: Hunger. Because our goal for giving to Polio plus this year is $35 per member, so let’s start there. For $35 you can make your contribution to Polio Plus and know that you’ve made a significant impact. In fact, after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation triples your contribution, your $35 donation will help immunize 175 children.*
To get an additional experience as a part of this important journey, you can add $2 to your donation and get a Kids Against Hunger meal packet mailed to you with a challenge. Connect your $35 donation to a day of going without. Invite friends and family.  Eat only the contents of the meal packet and drink only tap water. Then, encourage your club to share photos, videos and stories from that experience to unify our efforts and to share what you learn by walking in another's shoes for a day.

Want to learn more or get started?

Check out the links to the toolkit including logos, and a planning guide, or learn more by joining us at a Zoom meeting to talk about the idea.
*The cost per child has been estimated at $.60 per immunization.

Want to donate?