Fall means that Youth Exchange is back, and youth programs keep Rotarians young!
As I’ve scrolled through my social media over the last few weeks, I get a feeling or a sense of normalcy that occurs each fall. Back to school shopping, fantasy football leagues forming, people counting down to pumpkin spice being on menus again and most importantly for Rotary, Youth programs gearing up in full force. Interact Clubs reconnecting after summer break and exchange students being so warmly welcomed into District 6250. Keep reading to learn about all of the great Youth Program activity that’s happened recently!
After taking a break for the last couple of years due to the Pandemic, we are back and ready to host a plethora of students across our district. I know I’m ready to see more of those blue blazers at our events and can’t wait to get to know these students. If your club is hosting, thank you for helping to keep the Exchange program active and running in our district. It is such an impactful way to grow your club and connect with your community. If your club isn’t hosting, be sure to connect with the students if they’re present at any of the events that occur throughout the year.
In addition to Exchange, with school starting, our Interact clubs will be starting to meet more regularly again. Our district has some very amazing Interact clubs with some fantastic oversight from Rotarians in our local clubs. A great way to get involved in these clubs is to participate in the events that they put on and extend an invitation to the Interact members to participate in your events.
I recently had the opportunity to speak to the La Crescent Rotary Club, with the assistance of Scott Ryan to talk about how youth programs are related. We talked about how RYLA shares information about Interact, and we’ve chartered many Interact clubs after with RYLA students. Those Interact clubs tend to get more information about Rotary, and thus learn more about the Exchange program. Those students make excellent OB students, and their families can make excellent host parents. When thinking about Youth, the Rotary wheel starts to spin and just keeps going and going.
I look forward to seeing all the photos of the Youth events that we host throughout the district and sharing the stories with each of you so you can see and hear about the impact that these programs make across Rotary.
Laura Lee