District 6220 (Northeastern Wisconsin) and District 6250 have collaborated to present an exclusive webinar series, this month, focused on how we might "Grow Rotary Through Service."
Please join nationally known Rotary Innovative Club Advocate and speaker, Alex Johnson, from the Rotary Club of Plano West in Texas, for a fun-filled and information-packed series of webinars taking place every Thursday this month at 7:00 pm (Central Time). These webinars will give you and your club the tools needed to involve non-Rotarians in your service projects, provide "comfort and care" to current and new volunteers so they remain or become Rotarians, and promote the great work your Club is doing in the community to convince even more to join in and help! Keep reading or  Register Now! 
1/12/23: 7-8:30 pm - Partnering with Non-Rotarian Volunteers and Nonprofits
Your Rotary Club will create positive and lasting change in your community by engaging with outside volunteers and partnering with nonprofit organizations. Learn how your Rotary club can ensure you have the volunteers you need for your service projects that make a real difference!
1/19/23: 7-8:30 pm -  Using 'Comfort & Care' of Volunteers to Retain & Recruit Members
With 'Comfort & Care', you can grow your Rotary club! Learn how to provide standout experiences that retain existing Rotarian volunteers and attract new ones looking for meaningful ways to participate in your service projects.
1/26/23: 7- 8:30 pm - Using Public Image to Get Non-Rotarians to Show Up
By welcoming outside volunteers to your service projects, Rotary clubs can reap rewards through growth and development. Learn new strategies for garnering public attention and participation in your service projects.
Background information on our featured speaker, Alex Johnson:
Johnson is a Business Coach in Plano, Texas, and two-time past president of Plano West Rotary Club in District 5810-Dallas, Texas metro. Johnson coaches entrepreneurs by helping with accountability and organization to scale their business and have more free time. He enjoys applying his business skills to increase Rotary service and engagement and starting new clubs as the Zone 25b / Zone 29 Innovative Club Advocate appointed by the Rotary International Board of Directors.
Johnson is the recipient of many Rotary awards, including Membership Society, Outstanding Club President, Rotarian of the Year, Club of the Year, Rotary Citation, Major Donor, and #1 in Rotary Foundation per capita giving. Plano West Rotary was the Fastest Growing Club in North America, written about twice in the Rotary Magazine, and highlighted at the 2022 Houston Convention by John Hewko, Rotary General Counsel & CEO. It tripled its membership to majority women, people of color, and under 50 years in age by implementing the Rotary Action Plan with 6 service projects a month.