Last Apr. 26th, the Rotary Club of Waunakee and the Rotary Club Jefferson of District 6250 joined forces with the Rotary Club of Metro Kalibo (D3850) and Albasan Elementary School in the Philippines to inaugurate and hand over the RCC Livelihood and Training Center in the Philippines. District 6250 Administrator Megs Lunn and Rtn. Janette Jordee from Waunakee were present for the momentous occasion.


This facility will provide support to the 10 members of RCC Albasan "Kababayenhan nga Manugtahi", primarily consisting of young mothers, single parents, and unemployed women.

Rotary Metro Kalibo Rtn. Edwin Autencio, the Youth Service Director and RCC Albasan Adviser, expressed gratitude for the realization of the dream project for the members of the Rotary Community Corp (RCC). He emphasized that they are like "dream catchers". He extended thanks to the partners and donors for their support towards this impactful initiative aimed at reducing poverty and empowering young, non-working mothers. He emphasized the importance of valuing and maintaining this project for its sustainability.

Meanwhile, RCC President Hana Lee Fulgencio was moved to tears as she expressed her gratitude to Rtn. Janette for her pivotal role in turning their long-standing dream into a reality. Finally, they have a place to call their own, where they can enhance their work and support their families. She also hopes that their earnings will support their children's education.

The responsibility and accountability for the key of RCC Livelihood and Training Center were transferred to RCC Albasan by the Rotary Clubs of Waunakee and Metro Kalibo, along with Albasan Elementary School.

We wish RCC Albasan good luck, and we are delighted to see your dreams gradually turning into reality. This project aligns with the Economic and Community Development focus area of Rotary International.