Happy New Year to all Rotarians in District 6250. It's that time of year where we make resolutions...reflect on what we did last year that we might want to change, do more of or stop doing completely. Most of the time these resolutions are self-
reflective, but I would propose a challenge to each of you to look outward with your resolutions when it comes to Rotary. The District has an upcoming Vibrant Club Workshop on January 21st that would be a great way to get some ideas to bring back to your club.
There are in person and virtual options available. Please join us one way or another.
How can you become a better Rotarian? How can you help your club become better? How can you help your community become better through Rotary?
The Youth Programs within our district are doing well, however we are always seeking additional volunteers and new ways for our Rotarians to partner with the students. Think back on the goals that your club set as you started this Rotary year; did any of them involve Youth Programs? If yes, how well are you doing? If not, could you revisit that goal and get involved with Interact, RYLA or Youth Exchange? Could you connect with another Rotarian and just brainstorm about how you could make changes to the Youth Programs your club could be involved in? There is never a bad time to brainstorm, strategize and propose new ideas. While most resolutions tend to fade quickly, it's important that we continue to push ourselves and our clubs to try new activities and strengthen our interactions with our potential future Rotarians.