"What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us."
Edward Kennedy
Welcome to March where in the Rotary world we celebrate clean water and in District 6250 we welcome and celebrate our new Administrative Consultant - Megs Lunn.  During the month of February and into March, District 6250 Rotarians welcomed Megs into their clubs, communities, and homes. The hospitality, generosity and genuine interest to learn and grow is exactly what Edward Kennedy speaks about.  Even though an ocean divides us for the majority of our Rotary year, what unites us is the willingness to celebrate and embrace our differences to create the best possible experiences for ourselves and the communities we serve. Watch the up-close interview of me by Megs here...
As you lean into March, I ask you to take a minute and ponder the importance of embracing the joys and benefits of RI's priority of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - a priority we share here in District 6250.  How are you and your club members finding ways to UNITE us in a world that desperately wants to divide us?  And if you need a reason to smile, just check out our Facebook page - it's filled with the JOY and HOPE created with Meg's visit.  
Please join us at Tri- Con!!  Tri-Con is a wonderful way to unite your club, educate new members, or re-energize experienced club members. This conference is filled with incredible keynote speakers, breakout presenters, fellowship and SO MUCH MORE!  We are excited to see you in Green Bay this April.
Michelle McGrath, Ed.D
RY 2023-2024