On Feb. 17, D6250 Governor-Elect (DGE) Todd Restel led the District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) at her company’s First Supply function room in Madison. Governor Michelle McGrath set the tone by handing out playing cards, signaling the start of the fun. Admin Megs, who was visiting, met everyone for the first time. The breakout session was productive, with valuable insights shared. PDG Dean Ryerson also discussed the importance of facilitator training for clubs in need of support, focusing on sustaining both the district and clubs in the upcoming years.


After the productive District Team Training Seminar (DTTS), the team gathered for a fellowship dinner and extended their discussions post the board meeting. It was a great opportunity for everyone to connect on a personal level outside of Rotary, while still keeping Rotary at the center of it all.

On March 1 to 3, more than 400 attendees from six districts, 6220, 6250, 6270, 6420, 6440 and 6450, gathered at Midwest PETS 2024 at Westin Hotel and Resorts in Chicago. District Governor Elect Todd Restel brought a lot of enthusiasm, while others engaged in networking and building connections.

Our very own PDG Mary Van Hout, from the Rotary Club of Madison-West Middleton, holds the position of MidwestPETS Chair this year. This event stands as one of the largest multi-district President-Elects Training Seminars (PETS), featuring handpicked outstanding speakers, engaging workshops, and sessions that offer numerous opportunities for our President-Elects.

During the general sessions, we were privileged to hear from inspiring speakers alongside Jennifer Jones. Her key message emphasized the importance of actively contributing to shaping the society we desire. She highlighted the significance of recognizing each other's strengths to foster better leadership, stressing that impactful change can start within our own community.

Michelle Bohreer discussed Empowering Women and Girls, recounting her journey to becoming a committed Rotarian after the devastating 7.4 earthquake in Haiti.

Vanessa Frazier, the Permanent Ambassador of Malta to the UN and a current member of the UN Security Council, shared insights on Peace and Conflict Management. Lastly, RI PolioPlus Chair Mike McGovern, spoke about End Polio, reflecting on his decision to start contributing to the cause at the age of 35 and never looking back.

DGE Todd, with five other district governors were presented at the second night of the general session while enjoying dinner. Past and future governors are present to support each other in achieving success.

The three days of D6250 breakout sessions was engaging facilitated by DGE Todd and supported by District Trainer Mary Beth. The table discussions were conducted seriously, with moments of sharing and laughter interspersed throughout. We are thrilled to have received encouraging feedback, innovative ideas, and are now preparing for RY 2024-2025.

DGE Todd personally hosted the district's "Hospitality Suite" for our team to come together, socialize, and forge connections after each regular session, and it was truly enjoyable.

Key insights from Jennifer Jones, former first lady president of Rotary International, “Upholding core values, the four-way test and the objects of Rotary, shapes our identity. Supporting the end polio campaign with every donation is vital in transforming lives,”

Best wishes to the PEs, AGs and the RY 2024-2024 team. Remember to keep the Rotary Magic alive within you!