"People that work together will win.  Whether it is against complex football defenses or problems of modern society".  Vince Lombardi
Tri-Con was a wonderful success and it was a treat to join in fellowship with Rotarians from District 6220, 6250, and 6270.  There were an abundance of educational breakouts, awesome keynote speakers, learning opportunities, and of course FUN.  As I shared with those in attendance and now share with you....It has been an honor to serve and achieve so many WINS beside my fellow DG's, the amazing Tri-Con team and of most importance, my fellow 6250 Rotarians. 
So let's take a walk through the year in 6250 besides the Legends of Lambeau.  You are going to LOVE this!
This year – Hope was our DRIVER.  At the International Assembly, Gordon said mental health needs to be a priority, so us DGE's said ROGERS that and we got to work. There was nothing FUZZY about our 6250 goals.  We grew partnerships, one in particular was with NAMI – the National Association of Mental Illness. We gathered our youth exchange students and fellow Rotarians and took to the FOREST and walked along the BROOKS of Madison in the NAMI walk to eliminate the stigmas of mental health. 
Our mental health task force became our guiding STAR providing resources, personal stories, and webinars to our clubs. We took our Rotary Friendships to the MAX visiting 4 countries this past year. 
The WHITE WINTERS came and went and came and went, but we did not falter.  As shared in our Annual Meeting, we set our MARK on saving money – over $30,000 in fact to create a new financial and administrative model that engaged a Rotarian from across the globe.
We set another MARK (so many MARKS in the Hall of Fame) on no longer just talking about DEI but doing the work. This started at the Board level with 8 members being females, 4 people of color, and the average age is 48. 
We were BUTLERS – offering our service and support to clubs, even cleaning up a few messes.
We were TAYLORS – sewing together a patchwork of projects and initiatives.
In conclusion, it has been an honor to serve beside a team of caring, compassionate, SHARP as tacks humans.  My FAVEorite people are Rotarians and our work together will always be a win.  It is what legends are made of and creating hope in our world has been my Lambeau leap.  
Michelle McGrath, Ed.D
RY 2023-2024