Free Ukrainian/Polish Children's Book Downloads

This project proudly sponsored by Rotary District 6250 (Western Wisconsin) and its Clubs. Keep reading to learn more about our Ukrainian Relief efforts. 

Digital copies of both books are available for FREE download at the links below. The message these books convey is universal. They would be an excellent read for any child you know.

Ola y Boris and their New Friends 

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Ola y Boris Go to School

The first book, “Ola, Boris and Their New Friends”, was written by academic staff in Poland during the spring of 2022 as over a million Ukrainian children arrived in Poland as refugees.  The second book, Ola y Boris Go to School”, was written prior to Polish schools reopening for the new school year.   The following introduction, by the authors, explains the intent of their books.  Rotary is proud to play a role in spreading the books to a wider audience as the message they convey is universal.   
Dear Parents, When Ola and Boris, fleeing their country, found themselves in Poland, more than anything, we wanted to hug them. Reassure them that they were now safe, that we are with them and will help them in their difficult time. This is what we wrote about in the first book: ‘Ola, Boris and Their New Friends’.
Today, Ola and Boris meet new friends at school and at the playground. Not all of these encounters are easy. Sometimes, children start noticing things which have not been important to them before. For example, that someone has come from a different country, or that they don’t speak Polish very well. In this book, we want to show you what has happened to Ola and Boris next.  Including things which are not so nice.  We do this because we want to say that such things can happen, that they are natural for children and for some adults. We also want to show that we should not be indifferent to such events.  That as adults, our task is to help our children through such situations. We hope that this book will help both Ukrainian and Polish children cope with these events better. Above all, however, we want this book to help us all believe that, with a little good, we can deal with these problems. We wish this for you all (and ourselves!) very much.
Justyna Ziółkowska Dariusz Galasiński Tomasz Grzyb
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