The Holmen Rotary Club puts life saving resources into the community.


Sudden Cardiac Arrests are the leading cause of death of adults in the US. Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen at any time, to anyone, of any age, in any location. When a person collapses in SCA, minutes count. A person in SCA is not breathing and their heart has stopped beating. Performing immediate CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) can keep a person’s brain and heart alive, until definitive care arrives. In addition to performing CPR quickly, using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) can give this person the best possible chance to survive!

AEDs are small portable devices which can deliver an electric shock to a person’s heart. This shock can help to stop abnormal electrical impulses in the heart and allow it to return to a normal beating rhythm. The combination of CPR and AED use can literally bring a person back to life!


  • The Club wanted to purchase nine AED units for placement in the community to improve the community’s public health.

  • The Club allocated $5,000 of its funds toward the project and obtained a $5,000 Matching Grant from the District.

  • Nine equipment packages (including AED units, wall cabinets and signage) were purchased from the AED Superstore.  This vendor was recommended by our local fire department contact.

  • Area businesses were encouraged to apply to the Club to receive an AED.  We had an application on our website.  We promoted the project on our Facebook page and distributed a press release.  We also attended a local business association meeting to promote the project.

  • With the help of area nursing students, we identified what AEDs were already installed in the community and some businesses that would really benefit from having an AED.  We reached out to those businesses and encouraged them to apply for an AED.

  • We awarded five AED units in the first phase of the project and received television coverage from two local news stations.  The remaining four units were awarded a month later.  Businesses included popular restaurants, a golf course, a gym, a government center, a community center and local retailers.

  • We held two basic CPR training classes at the Holmen Area Community Center using volunteers from the 7 Rivers Cardiac Arrest and Preparedness Group.

  • This resulted in a 40% increase in AED placements in the community.

For more information contact Kelly Dunn at or 651-357-5104