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Dear Guests, Rotary Friends, and 6250 Rotarians,
Welcome to Rotary District 6250!  We’re glad you’re here.
If you’re new to Rotary International, please visit Rotary International’s site to learn more about us. We are proud of our international fellowship of 1.2 million people who are a lot like you and whose purpose is service. Our motto is “Service Above Self” and it’s likely that a Rotarian near you has made your world a better place. Want to join us? - just click here.
If you’re a Rotary friend, we appreciate you. For over a century our fellowship and service partnerships have encouraged us, increased our impact and reach, and sharpened us. We hope you’ll experience us at our best - empowered, collaborative and innovative. We live and serve in Western, Central, and Southern Wisconsin, and a beautiful slice of Minnesota near the mighty Mississippi River.
If you’re a 6250 Rotarian, this is your district in every way. You belong here and make us who we are. Through Rotary, you share your time, talent, and treasure with your fellows, your community, and the world. May your engagement enrich your lives and satisfy your highest aspirations. 
Long Live Rotary! Long Live District 6250!
District Governor Karen Hebert
District 6250
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Latest News
I often look to, and point to, the district’s north star. Our north star is our mission - to strengthen and support clubs. In every interaction with your district, we hope that the experience will leave you strengthened and supported. That is our district’s only measure of success.
Our mission is fulfilled in a relationship with you. We are responsible to you.  You are responsible to us.
Our invitations to events and meetings will satisfy your need for strength and support, because exploring what’s offered meets an interest of yours. Our grants will satisfy your need for strength and support because the focus and funding help you improve and execute what you are already planning to achieve.
Our encouraging words and stories will satisfy your need for strength and support because they ring true with your own hopes and dreams. Our ideas for service and partnership will satisfy your need for strength and support because you are already curious about refreshed service and new partners. Our club visioning work will satisfy your need for strength and support because you have the energy to move forward in an intentional way.
We are serving.
Our service to you will improve when it fails to satisfy your need for strength and support because you communicate honestly, directly, and constructively about your experience.
We are listening.
We need each other. The need draws us into club-district partnerships that are full of strength, respect, appreciation, action, and growth. And growth is our shared success.
Read on for more from your district leaders – and be sure to check out the news of a key role filled. We are proud and happy to welcome District Governor Nominee Designate Todd Restel!
Together we.
P.S. Sitting in the office of Rotary Club of Fort Atkinson President Margaret and chatting about updates, I asked, “Do you have kids?” In response she showed me this. So yes, yes, she does have kids. I’ve never laid eyes on a family quite like hers.
It puts me in mind to tell you to watch for our 6250’s response to President Shekhar’s emphasis on Empowering Girls. Watch for more in February or March. We’ll champion our “girls” and the allies around them that encouraged their empowerment. Maybe you’ll share your story with us.
Yours in Fellowship and Service,
District Governor Karen
6250 District Governor 2021-2022

For an (Interact) instant we turn our attention to Baraboo where fellowship and service are full of life! An October blood drive met a very important need and invited the community to do their part.
Well done, Interact of Baraboo! We admire you.

Yours in Fellowship and Service,

Karen Hebert
DG 2021-22
District 6250
Empowered • Collaborative • Innovative

Governor's Celebration

by Lynn Perez-Hewitt

One of only 529 celebrated in District 6250
Karen Hebert, the newest District Governor for District 6250 is one of only 529 such leaders in the world.
Let that sink in.
There are 529 Rotary Districts: supporting and leading more than 35,000 Rotary Clubs and 1.3 million individual Rotarians. District Governor is a major role in our Rotary World.
Quietly and timely PDG Bill Pritchard passed on the official DG pin to our newest DG, and she set about making the first of what will total 59 club visits.  However, the Rotary Club of Chippewa Falls After Hours decided that quiet, and low-key was not enough.  DG Karen’s home club, the club she helped to found in 2015, decided that she deserved a party to celebrate being one of only 529 in the World.
Saturday afternoon at Erickson Park Pavillions in Chippewa Falls it looked like a tailgate, which was exactly right for this young club and this down-to-earth, passionate leader.  First came the coolers and the beverages (soda, water, and beer, of course), then the ice. The shaded tables held BBQ ribs, pulled pork, beans, potatoes, and cornbread. Friends chatted, stories were shared, and more than a few photos snapped. Eight Past District Governors and our DGE arrived to join the party and share the opportunity to honor a woman clearly up to the challenges ahead.
At 3:02 Master of the Microphone Past President Andy Neborak rang a bell and attention turned to the reason for the party. He shared what DG Karen means to the club. Chartered solely with individuals new to Rotary she modeled the passion and values that assure success for a new club. Which was the perfect lead-in to the induction of their newest member, Heidi Mercer, a longtime friend of, who else, DG Karen.
PDG Dave Warren, tapped to formally install our new DG, was next to speak to the group of nearly 40 friends and colleagues. He began in his own words acknowledging that these are imperfect times and that a whole room of imperfect people who want to serve can and will make a huge difference in the world.
Then he lifted a folded piece of paper and told the group that Karen had sent him a script for the next segment. The crowd laughed in recognition of a leader who is not only fun and generous but on top of details.
Dave went on to make the point that DG Karen is the perfect DG for this year’s Rotary Theme, Serve to Change Lives. Once Karen took her oath it was time for DGE Ben Bauer to step up. Now it was DG Karen who led him in the oath.
Our new DG wrapped up the afternoon by sharing what she had learned when she interviewed Past District Governors before taking on the role of DGN: Demonstrate servant leadership and more.  She closed by saying to all of us, “I am humbled by your fellowship.”
Applause dwindled and Club President Nichole Volbrecht thanked everyone for coming, asked us to keep eating and to stick around for cake!
Congratulations to our 2021-2022 District Governor Karen Hebert.
Karen Hebert & Ben Bauer
The DG Line together again!
Ben Bauer, Karen Hebert, Edwin Bos, Bill Hoel, Joe Ruskey,
Mary Van Hout, Dave Warren, Dean Ryerson, Chuck Hanson

Engaging ways for you and your club to learn Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I am Kaylynn the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator for District 6250. This role was developed late in 2020 and works with the District Membership Team with the responsibilities of:
  • Assisting clubs with education and action around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 
  • Being a catalyst for Rotary International’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. 
  • Sharing Rotary International’s vision for inclusion and provide resources to clubs around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 
  • Engage clubs and members in DEI conversation and encourage clubs to have a member focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Provide regular communication with the district membership chair. 
I, and several others across our district are working hard to compile the efforts already going on as well as sharing out Rotary Internationals resources. In this article you will find Video, Articles, Blogs, Email, and Training/Conferences resources for you or your club to learn from. There are many ways in which we can concern ourselves with equity and inclusion in Rotary. For me there are two places to start, educating myself and connecting with people who have stories to share.
Familiarize yourself with Rotary’s new diversity, equity and inclusion statement. To ensure that our organization values and lives the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the RI Board of Directors, with guidance from the DEI Task Force, strengthened the organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement. Read the updated commitment and learn more about our efforts to ingrain diversity, equity, and inclusion into our culture to improve the membership experience for current and future Rotarians, Rotaractors, and the family of Rotary. 
Rotary’s DEI Webinar Series: spend an hour with DEI experts and Rotarians covering topics such as Planning for an Inclusive Future, Building a Welcoming Community, Exploring the Black Experience in Rotary and more!
Learn from Rotary, the Learning Center has courses 5-20 minutes long on:
  • Committing to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Building Strong Intergenerational Relationships
  • Design an Inclusive Plan for Your Organization
Rotary Voices is a blog that Rotarians around the world contribute to, sharing stories of personal journeys, lessoned learned and advice seeking.
Learn from other clubs like the Rotary Club of Lacrosse has a designated area on their website about their DEI efforts read more here. Invite speakers from community groups like LGBTQ+, Hmong, African American and American Indian Associations.
Participate in outside efforts like these:
  • The United Way 21 Week Equity Challenge: We are partnering with the United Way of the Chippewa Valley to share this opportunity with Chamber Investors. You can take this weekly challenge alone or as staff development. Sign up to receive content once a week that will explore topics pertaining to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Take up the challenge.
  • Toward One Wisconsin Conference: October 12-13, 2021 in person and virtual options, hosted in Eau Claire Wisconsin. This statewide, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion conference is an effort to share and learn about efforts in areas of Workforce, Health Equity, Arts & Culture and Education. Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges is the theme this year with amazing, inspirational and educational speakers and panels throughout the 2-day conference. Join us here.
Kaylynn Winegar (She, Her, Hers)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (DEIC)
Connect with me on My Rotary
“We believe in diversity, because Rotary at its best united the world, and therefore must reflect every part of humanity. You cannot properly serve the world unless you can see and hear that word accurately. Diversity ensures that Rotary represents all voices and speaks in every language.”
– Barry Rasson, 2018-2019 Rotary International President