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If you’re a 6250 Rotarian, this is your district in every way. You belong here and make us who we are. Through Rotary, you share your time, talent, and treasure with your fellows, your community, and the world. May your engagement enrich your lives and satisfy your highest aspirations. 
Long Live Rotary! Long Live District 6250!
District Governor Karen Hebert
District 6250
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Greetings Fellow Rotarians!
I write these words to you in the afterglow of our District 6250 Virtual Conference.  This conference, like our year together, has been different in many ways.  The conference was a week long.  We had inspirational presentations from our entire Rotary International President Line.  We had evening sessions that dived deep into our Seven Areas of Focus, our Foundation, our Membership and Public Image teams (working together!) , and our Youth Programs.  The virtual element allowed Rotarians to dip in and out of the agenda as our busy active lifestyles allowed.  The Conference team aimed to educate, inspire and engage.  I am proud of what was presented to the District, and I hope that you found the conference met our goals.
During the week, we had over 100 District Rotarians join each evening for our deep dives.  These are numbers not normally seen during a District Assembly, and it speaks to the deep desire of Rotarians to engage into what drives their passions.  The Youth Program night on Monday saw some of our largest turnout.  My thanks to our Youth Programs Chair Laura Lee and her Youth Program leaders for the great evening and passion.
The people who know me best – my family and the Rotarians of the La Crosse area – know that my passion for Rotary is boundless.  My family also knows that I don’t expect them to get involved in Rotary the way I have.  It’s a choice that is up to them.  But I must admit, I can’t help smiling when I see them making the right choice. 😊
This past year has had a large impact on my family.  Both my wife and my youngest daughter have had their eyes open to the great work done by Rotary in our communities and in our world.  My wife was impacted deeply by our time at the International Assembly and Zone gatherings that occurred late in 2020 and early 2021 before our world shut down due to COVID.  My youngest daughter was so moved by seeing Rotary programs that involved past exchange students and how it changed their lives that she was moved to join me in my plans to travel to the International Conference in Taipei.  We also know how that ended… but I’d bet that she will join me at our next opportunity.  But she will be joining me at the Virtual Youth Exchange Pre-convention in June!
If my passion for Rotary is boundless… there is an entirely next level for my passion for our Youth Programs.  I have been blessed to be involved with virtually all aspects of Youth Service within our District over the past decade.  Take Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) as one example.  I have seen firsthand how it transforms young people into more confident, focused individuals with a better understanding of the world around them.
Everywhere I go around the Rotary world, I meet people of all ages whose lives have been changed by our youth programs.  They tell me how, five or 15 or 25 years ago, Rotary Youth Exchange taught them a new language or introduced them to a new culture.  Their eyes light up when they talk about their Interact Clubs… and how membership in Rotaract first ignited their passion for giving back to the community.
Rotary’s programs for young leaders extend our ideals of service, friendship, and leadership development beyond the doors of our clubs to hundreds of thousands of young people in most years.  This year saw many of those programs frozen or heavily impacted.  But you can feel the energy winding up in these programs as they look forward to spring forward with the reopening of our world.  When we serve with and for these young people – as sponsors, project partners, and mentors, it brings out the best in us, and it brings out the best in Rotary.
May is Youth Services Month, and there are many ways your Rotary club can celebrate.  Check in with your Interact Club and make sure they are ready to jump at the opportunities that reopening our schools will present.  Consider a Rotaract Club – either University or Community based – to engage the young adults in your community to take action, become leaders, and gain a global perspective.  Team up with your Interact and Rotaract Clubs for a service project.  Get your club ready to welcome Youth Exchange Students (Long and Short Term) back into our communities, clubs and lives. 
This month, be open to the opportunities that young leaders in our communities by engaging them, mentoring them, and working side by side with them on meaningful projects.  It’s an investment in their future and in the world they will live in after we’re gone.  And it’s work that will forever enrich their lives… and our own.
Be well and healthy!
Bill Pritchard
6250 District Governor 2020-2021
Always excited to help, and always energized with creative ideas!  Enjoy District 6250’s sampling of all things Interact.
  • Fort Atkinson Interact continued their international exchange with the Philippines virtually despite having to cancel their service trip due to COVID-19. Follow on Instagram Interact_fort_atkinson
  • Baraboo Interact Club is holding a Food 4 Kidz event May 15th.  After a whole years delay they are excited to be back on track with this great event. Follow on Instagram interact.baraboo
  • Milton Interact held a pet drive and collected bedding for pets located at shelters such as the Humane Society. Follow on Instagram miltoninteract
  • Lake Mills Interact Club raised funds for Heifer International a NGO working to end hunger and poverty in a sustainable way by supporting and investing alongside local farmers and their communities. Follow on Instagram: lmhs.interact
  • Onalaska Interact has been busy collecting shoes and school supplies for those in need. The shoes will help women in developing countries start their own business. Follow on Instagram at onalaska.interact
  • Mount Horeb Interact Club is collecting cleaning supplies for Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  In addition they are raising funds via Penny Wars at their school.  Follow on Instagram: madison_interact
Read more for some posts and photos of all the great work!
Chronic childhood malnutrition is a problem all over Guatemala. Almost 50% of children aged 5 and under are malnourished.  In the highland villages of Tecpan, however, the number is as high as 95%.
In 2019, Madison South Rotary wrote a Global Grant for a Water and Sanitation Project in two villages in the highlands of Tecpan, Guatemala. We partnered with ABPD (Association Behrhorst Partners for Development), the Antigua RC in Antigua, Guatemala, District 7750 in South Carolina and clubs in Florida and Maine. At the same time, Deb Walters from District 7790 (Maine and Quebec) wrote a Global Grant for Maternal and Child Health for one of the same villages plus one other that had been assessed to need this type of help. The “ask” comes from the village leaders themselves then a detailed assessment is done by ABPD.
    With a gleam in his eye, Rotarian Al Louis deftly set the hook on Musky #7; minutes later, he and his friend A.J. hauled it from the cold waters of Minnesota’s Lake Vermilion into their boat. This musky was special, not only because it takes, on average, 10,000 casts to land just one musky, but because this musky—all 41½” and 22 lbs. of it—represented more than $41,000 raised for five nonprofits in Al’s hometown, La Crosse, Wisconsin.
    It wasn’t easy.
    Al battled the elements, a lake crowded with 85 bass boats thanks to a two-day bass tournament, tedious hours without a strike, muskies that tracked the lure to the boat only to break away at the last second, the fog of a bizarre insect hatch, and a sinking boat (yes, really). Not to mention, raising money during a pandemic is ... challenging, to say the least.
    Imagine living in the same home as your abuser. The pandemic hits, escalating stress and tensions. A bad situation becomes untenable, and you know: you MUST get out. You MUST find a safe place to stay. For residents of the Beaver Dam area, that safe place to stay might be P.A.V.E, an organization that provides services and shelter to survivors of violence.

    Unfortunately, the pandemic brought not only rising cases of violence, but with it, additional challenges in keeping the shelter a safe and healthy place:
    • Additional cleaning and sterilization processes needed to be put in place. 
    • More personal hygiene and protection supplies, like masks, were needed. 
    • Additional entertainment supplies were needed to help keep shelter residents occupied.
    Dedicated Rotarians in the Rotary Club of Mayville saw a need in their community, and being People of Action, stepped up. With the help of a Disaster Relief Grant from Rotary District 6250, the Rotary Club of Mayville provided needed cleaning and personal hygiene supplies— including 35 handmade face masks—along with entertainment items, to P.A.V.E for use in their shelter.

    We are Rotarians. We are People of Action. We believe in Service Above Self. Together, we EMPOWER.