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Dear Guests, Rotary Friends, and 6250 Rotarians,
Welcome to Rotary District 6250!  We’re glad you’re here.
If you’re new to Rotary International, please visit Rotary International’s site to learn more about us. We are proud of our international fellowship of 1.2 million people who are a lot like you and whose purpose is service. Our motto is “Service Above Self” and it’s likely that a Rotarian near you has made your world a better place. Want to join us? - just click here.
If you’re a Rotary friend, we appreciate you. For over a century our fellowship and service partnerships have encouraged us, increased our impact and reach, and sharpened us. We hope you’ll experience us at our best - empowered, collaborative and innovative. We live and serve in Western, Central, and Southern Wisconsin, and a beautiful slice of Minnesota near the mighty Mississippi River.
If you’re a 6250 Rotarian, this is your district in every way. You belong here and make us who we are. Through Rotary, you share your time, talent, and treasure with your fellows, your community, and the world. May your engagement enrich your lives and satisfy your highest aspirations. 
Long Live Rotary! Long Live District 6250!
District Governor Karen Hebert
District 6250
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Katrina Kalcic Blog Post: January 2022

Michaelmas Term has at last concluded, and as I reflect on this first milestone in my program, I could not be more grateful to be a member of the MPhil in Public Policy class of 2022. With more than 40 nationalities represented, it is an incredibly diverse cohort full of some of the most passionate and amazing professionals I’ve ever been privileged to know. It’s refreshing to learn so many unique approaches to tackling policy challenges around the world, and conversations with my inspiring colleagues fill me with hope for the future. Discussing artificial intelligence policies in emerging economies; strategies to address the colonial legacies of British museums; and hosting potlucks with delicious national dishes shared by new friends are some of the memories I treasure most. I am looking forward to Hillary Term in 2022, and as always, I am profoundly grateful to Rotary for the opportunity to join the Oxford community. 


Care to guess where MOHO Interact is located?

Mount Horeb! Great name, isn’t it? Their greatness doesn’t end at their name. They earn that reputation with heart and service. Here they are in action decorating their school for Valentine's Day and partnering for successful service with a local non-profit, Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Well done, Moho Interact! You inspire us!

Karen Hebert
DG 2021-22
District 6250
Empowered • Collaborative • Innovative


District 6250 Interact Clubs were busy with holiday cheer while providing boundless gifts to mankind.

Lodi Rotary club and LHS Interact club combined efforts to hold a fundraiser for local food pantry, and American Legion Columbia cabin that supports veterans in need.
Mount Horeb Interact club in conjunction with Shoebox Gifts for Kids did an amazing job at their high school collecting children’s gifts for the holiday season.
Baraboo Interact Club had the pleasure of helping out with the Holidays With The Heroes event making crafts an wrapping gifts with community officers, emt’s, and other first responders.  All the children who participated have had trauma in their lives and are experiencing poverty.
In your mind, can a Rotarian be an excellent Rotarian if “all they do” is attend meetings? Can a club be an excellent club if “all they do” is gather for fellowship and networking?
Please take a moment to answer these questions honestly for yourself before reading on.
I answer both questions with a resolute “Yes!” - if these Rotarians are engaged in their vocation (in modern, North American Rotary this might include retirement, homemaking, and parenting) as an avenue for Rotary service. This is Rotary character in action. Soaking in the fellowship of Rotarians for encouragement in, and examples of, a life that exemplifies “Service Above Self” is also full of excellence.
January is Vocational Service month. The idea of vocational service offers a simple, powerful, and emancipating view of Rotary life – a view that I hope our district, and many clubs, will embrace.
As much as I appreciate and champion our mission and vision statements and strategic priorities, they sometimes eclipse the historical “Object of Rotary”, from which our notion of vocational service springs.
Each club is free to decide what’s required of its members. When we choose, let’s do so without denigrating the “knife and fork club” and the “check-writing club”. If these clubs are full of Rotarians who dignify and value every vocation as an opportunity for service, and pursue vocational service instead of vocational selfishness, they are powerful Rotarians and Rotary Clubs, and their contributions help to fulfill our mission. I am proud to be associated with them.
Aspire to be, as a Rotarian and club, what you want to be without comparison or criticism, and be open to just how simple, powerful, and free Rotary life can be.  You can Invite others into this kind of Rotary experience.
If you want to TAKE ACTION and improve your club’s culture in honoring vocational service, check out Rotary’s Introduction to Vocational Service. It might open bright and hopeful vistas for you and your club.
 District Governor Karen
Wisconsin Dells Celebrates Dental Services for Greek Islands
The Wisconsin Dells Club just finished a big global grant project to renovate dental clinics on five remote Greek islands near Turkey. None of us knew the Rotarians of Athens and Kos, but we somehow managed to complete this mission together. We had lots of help from District 6250, District 2470 and Rotary International. Here is how it happened.
Past District Governor, Edwin Bos, called me to describe a project he had learned of that involved dentistry. We had traveled together in Nepal, so we knew each other, and he felt I would be able to succeed on this endeavor. Our club had never been the primary partner for a Global Grant, but we had helped other clubs by being participating sponsors, so we knew the concept. They are similar to District Grants, just more expensive.
The goal was to renovate dental clinics that were using 40-year-old dental chairs and operating units. It would cost around $70,000 to install new equipment on islands being inundated with Syrian refugees. The  Dodecanese islands of Samos, Lipsi, Symi, Agathonisi and Fourni had well over 10,000 refugees, and their facilities were in poor condition.
The Rotary Club of Wisconsin Dells, with our group of 27, agreed to be the primary sponsor. We met the requirements, so we thought we could succeed. I decided to call dentists I know and ask for contributions. Rotarian dentists, Mike Bender of Fort Atkinson and Betsy Long, of Wisconsin Dells, donated personally, along with non-Rotarian dentists from the US Public Health Service(I worked for them for 20 years) and dentists from around Wisconsin. We gathered the donations needed, which was matched by our district, then matched by Rotary International. The Greek Rotary Clubs in the grant area also donated, along with their district, until we had the necessary funds.
Beginning in 2019, it took much longer than expected to install all the equipment, due to Covid, but the clinics were up and running by the end of 2020. We received photos of the chairs and units, but I wanted to take some dentists over to see what they accomplished. We returned from our trip to Greece in the end of October. It was great meeting all the Greek Rotarians and seeing the clinics in action. The refugees have now moved elsewhere, but the clinics are treating poor Greek citizens with full time dentists.
Greek Rotary meetings are not quite like ours. We meet from noon until 1 on Thursdays. They start their meetings at 8 pm. We attended quite a few, and none of them were done until around midnight. They were very appreciative, and shared their Greek culture with us. My club is now working on another, much smaller grant, to help Samos Due to a recent earthquake and the flood of refugees, their needs are great but resources limited.
Submitted by Dave Clemens, DDS, Rotary Club of Wisconsin Dells