"When enough people come together, change will come.  Together we can make anything happen.  So instead of looking for hope, start creating it".  Greta Thunberg

Our world, this wonderful place we call home, in April, we celebrate her.  Through the network of Rotary and our area of focus of supporting the environment, Rotary members understand that the whole world is their backyard. Protecting her is a priority. We see the effects of climate change in communities we care about, and together we're CREATING the hope Greta speaks of and taking action. We are doing this in small and big ways – most recently through our partnership with Operation Pollination and the Rotary Clubs/communities along the Mississippi River. 
(Photos in the collage credit to the rightful owner)
The Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group is one of Rotary's fastest-growing groups – founded from within our very own District of 6250. With its extensive expertise, networks, and informational resources, it inspires and empowers the family of Rotary to implement effective environmental projects. To learn more about what you can do to get involved, watch the following webinar HERE.  This group is also bringing District 6220, 6250, and 6270 together to sign a collaborative Operation Pollination Agreement at Tri-Con.  They are also working with our RYLA students this May to encourage them to bring back pollinator gardens to their communities. TOGETHER we are CREATING HOPE.
Thank you to the nearly 300 Rotarians from our 3 districts who will be with us at TriCon later this month. There is still time to register!!  JUST ADDED - Friday evening Margaritaville 6250 Hospitality Event – Waste the Day Away with your 6250 HOPE Squad. Please join us for a weekend of learning, fellowship and fun!
Michelle McGrath, Ed.D
RY 2023-2024