Posted by Inese Priedniece, Riga, Lativa RC, Anders Svensson, Lindesberg, SwedenRC
Since 2005 a group of Swedish Rotary clubs in district 2340 has been working together with Rotary clubs in Latvia and some other countries in order to make a difference for many people.
During the years we have been able to help mainly schools and elderly homes with modern equipment at a total amount of more than 200.000 €.
During the last three years, we have invested another 200.000€ in modern equipment at Jekabpils Hospital in the southeast part of Latvia. This has resulted in a good reputation for the hospitals neonatal ward and the entire hospital. The important thing ...
is they now save the lives of many premature babies. Many premature babies are also saved to survive without a permanent disability. If we now can buy three incubators in a fourth GG-project, the neonatal ward at Jekabpils Hospital will be at top in Latvia. Premature babies often have an underdeveloped gastrointestinal tract, lungs, immune system and even skin. To help these children survive outside the womb, they will be placed in a single incubator that provides the newborn with the environmental conditions needed to thrive in neonatal intensive care.
Jekabpils municipality is located in a vulnerable region. The hospital serves many municipalities in this region in the southeastern part of Latvia. Over the past 25 years, Latvia has lost a quarter of its population as a result of low childbirth, an aging population and emigration.
Wisconsin Dells' participation in this fourth Global Grant project is of great value and we are determined to try to get three new incubators to the Hospital at a total cost of about 60.000 €. Together we will fix this. Through Rotary's funds, collected money grows a lot. 

                                    Working together means success.