As we know, the inbound and outbound exchange programs for 2020-2021 have been cancelled. Our district normally welcomes twenty plus exchange students and sends our own students to experience the world. While we are sad that those experiences will have to come at a later time, we still have many opportunities to grow the foundation of our youth programs. 

As school starts back up in the district, virtually or in person, our Interact students can and will still make a difference. If your club sponsors an Interact club, make sure to keep in communication about how to be flexible with the current situation. Help suggest new ways to recruit members, hold virtual or safe in person fundraisers and help them to always keep their minds open for the opportunities to make a difference in their communities and schools. 

If your club isn’t hosting a student this year as planned, it might be a good time to start building a succession plan, or do some early recruiting for future host families. Keep in touch with your past students by inviting them to your meetings now that there is a virtual component! 

We are continuing to plan for next year, and Central States is already having discussions about the upcoming year. Before you know it, you’ll be at the airport anxious to say goodbye to your outbound or say hello to your newest club member. 

Laura Lee