District Member Count: 2637

Member Growth Success 7/2019 - 6/2020:
Mayville +3, La Crosse +2, Madison After Hours +2, Sun Prairie +2

Last Rotary year, the New Member Grants were awarded to LaCrosse After Hours, Madison Downtown, Madison After Hours, Madison Breakfast, LaCrosse, Mayville, Marshfield Sunrise, Waunakee. All of these clubs recruited 4 new members who remained Rotarians for at least 4 months. The new members will have $1000 to spend on a service project which will help them experience the power and impact of Rotary. https://rotary6250.org/page/member-grant-program
Marshfield Sunrise began with an assessment of local organizational needs. As they reached out, Marshfield United Way stood out as having the most needs under the time of Covid. The organization has been an excellent community resource for years and their pandemic response was already well underway providing food and necessities to anyone in need.
In discussions with the United Way, they discovered their need for in-kind donations of items like egg cartons, paper bags, food, and cardboard boxes. This gave way to the idea to work with the United Way to create a webpage outlining various community organization needs for in-kind donations. https://www.marshfieldareaunitedway.org/you-can-help
The website allowed for people in the community who were unable to contribute financially, to contribute in other ways. They spent $200 on advertising the new United Way webpage on Facebook and Instagram to encourage in-kind donations. They also advertised in various newsletters and created signs and hung them around the town. The webpage is still live and serves as a source for local organizations to share their donation needs. They then donated the remaining $800 to the United Way to continue their efforts to provide essential resources. Over 11 weeks, the United Way and Soup or Socks distributed food on a weekly basis to over 1300 households as well as provided over 500 personal hygiene and cleaning kits.
Please also see what the LaCrosse club did with their New Member Grant money here: https://rotarycluboflacrosse.org/Stories/district-membership-grants