I read the email, broke out laughing, and then shuddered a little at the thought. He was serious. “Uhhhh, no,” I replied aloud to everyone and no one.
The message was for me and some of my fellow District Governors. The question was if I was going to give you some challenges.  As far as I can tell, you already have plenty of challenges. I know I do!
So if we, your District Leadership Team, don’t plan to give you challenges, what will we give you?  The answer is found in every Rotary district’s mission: Strength and support.
We’ll give you strength and support as you face personal, community and global challenges. We’ll give you strength and support you look beyond challenges and imagine something different. We’ll give you strength and support as you plan the path through.
Together, we’ll:
  • Let the light of Rotary values (fellowship, leadership, integrity, diversity, service) illuminate every day, every role, and every relationship.
  • See what can be - and grow the desire and ability to see from another’s point of view.
  • Unite to take action - assess needs with intelligent and humble curiosity, enjoy the lift and focus of measurable goals, recruit teams and partners who share our purpose, allocate resources in clear plans, celebrate success and lessons learned, and share our experience to benefit others.
We have themes. We have projects. We have hopes. We have schedules. We have invitations. We’ll be sharing all of that as we progress through the year.  But for now, let me say, District 6250 Rotarians: Your District Team believes in you, is grateful for you, and is beside you as you enjoy…
Opportunities to serve to change lives.
Yours in Fellowship and Service,
District Governor Karen
6250 District Governor 2021-2022