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Video Transcript:

Hi, everyone. For those of you that don't know me, my name is Ben Bauer. I'm your Rotary District 6250. District Governor coming to you from the Marshfield Rotary Club. The newly emerged Marshfield Rotary Club, which brought together the Marshfield Noon and Sunrise Rotary Clubs. I've been a member since 2006. I've served as an assistant governor for District Public Image Chair, and for many years co-chair and our district Rotary Youth Leadership Awards or RYLA Camp. It'll be an honor to serve with you as your District Governor in the 2020-2023 Rotary year.
Probably all of you, but certainly many of you, know that Jennifer Jones is our Rotary International President for this Rotary year. She brought the theme Imagine Rotary to our clubs to celebrate the possibilities that we have in this Rotary year. What a perfect theme to come at a time in our world, where we'll be well served by imagining what's next for it. I had a really great opportunity to participate in the Passing of the Gavel last week at my own club, where President Jenny asked a really thought provoking question. Imagine a world without Rotary. So if you're having trouble imagining Rotary, imagining what's next, for your community or for yourself, take a look around and see all the things that Rotary has created. Imagine a world without it. I'm excited to see the action that you and your club will create, as you Imagine Rotary and imagine what's next.
Speaking of passing the gavel, changing of the guard and other leadership changes, this time of year always brings transition. Congratulations to all outgoing club officers and congratulations to those of you that are just starting, especially our club presidents. Your club leadership and plan might be set for the next year....but it's never too early to imagine what's next or to build for the future. The time is now to start considering hosting a Youth Exchange student for next year. Or, participating in a District Foundation Grant inviting new members into club leadership, succession planning, etc. The time is now to imagine.

After imagination comes action, Rotary is changing. Throughout this year, we'll continue to create belonging through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Let's invite people in! At our 2022 multi-district conference, TriCon, that happened this April, our very own Rick Kyte gave an awesome keynote that touched on the power of this Rotary friendship. Rick talked about how you can't get large scale change between organizations or countries without friendship and fellowship. Rotary creates an environment where we can collaborate with strangers. And, we know that rRotary breaks down a barrier, by turning strangers into friends. Let's create lasting change and get things done by working with friends. Speaking of TriCon save the date, right now, for TriCon 2023, which will be April 27-29th, in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Checkout for more information. Registration will open later this year.
Let's talk a little bit about setting goals. It's not too late to set your goals for this year or to change them for the year ahead. If your club isn't entering goals into Rotary Club Central, I strongly recommend you check out the Goal Center. It's a great tool with great goals, all built to make real change in your club. Clubs that set and achieve their goals deserve recognition. And the Rotary Citation is a great way to get that recognition. Log in to the Goal Center, see the 25 goals available, select and achieve 13 of them and your club receives the rotary citation. Choose the goals that make sense for you, achieve those goals, and report them in Club Central by June 30, 2023 and you're all set.
Before we wrap up, I have to say congratulations to our newest club which just chartered on July 1. The 6250 Changemakers Club. Thank you, President LeRoy and Past District Governor, Karen Hebert for all that you did to get this club chartered. If you have a member that recently left your club or you have a potential member that needs the ultimate flexibility in Rotary membership. Check out the Changemakers club. They meet once a month, and you can meet from anywhere in the world. I was so happy to be a part of the chartering event where club leaders shared their vision and goals for the future. This club is going to do great things. And while I was there, I couldn't help but think, what if my club was a brand new club? What would I imagine? What would I try? What would I do? What wouldn't I do? Maybe some food for thought to get you imagining.

As we continue to make it out of the pandemic, lots of people are talking about the need for healing. And whether you think you need healing or not, there's never a wrong time to create comfort and care for our members. Provide each other with comfort and care as you experience Rotary. Invite people into your Rotary experience and share their Rotary experience with them. This comfort and care is an essential ingredient to the friendship that makes Rotary so special.
If you made it this far, thanks for watching. Your District leaders and I are here to support you. Let's Imagine Rotary and create action and change, together. See you next time.
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