The Four D’s

Cardinal Rules for Youth Exchange Students

There are many situations in which students can find themselves on a plane home…early.  The most obvious cause would be if they break the laws of their host country….that is if they are not in jail.  The Four D’s address offenses that can get them into trouble and might result in their exchange being terminated. 


In some countries, alcohol may be consumed at meals.  If offered by host parents in this circumstance, students may accept.
Regardless of the legal drinking age in their host country, students are not permitted to drink alcohol with friends at parties or in bars.  Alcohol abuse may be grounds for termination of an exchange year.


Any association with drugs, drug users or drug dealers will violate the intention of and spirit of youth exchange.  If students find themselves in the company of anyone who falls into this category – they should get out of the situation as quickly as they can.  They were selected because they are leaders.  We do not expect them to behave like followers.


Students should not become romantically involved during their year abroad.  It will lead to emotional stress, and will take away from the objectives of their year…which is to meet many people and enjoy many activities. 


Students cannot drive any motorized vehicle while on exchange.  Their health insurance will not pay for injuries while driving any motorized vehicle.   This includes cars, motorcycles, scooters, farm vehicles, power boats, snowmobiles, personal watercraft, etc.    Students can not afford to be involved in an accident in which they are the driver.  Do not take this risk. They will not be covered by their insurance.