2021 District Conference - Video Playlist

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2021 District Conference
April 18-24, 2021

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Welcome to District Conference 2021 - Wednesday April 21, 2021! 

Wednesday night at District Conference has two available tracks: Foundation and Membership!  There is also a bonus track that President Elects can engage in prior to the evening starting!

Presidents-Elect and club Youth, Foundation, Public Image and Membership Chairs are invited to join DGE Karen and District Committee Chairs Laura, Dwight, Patty and John to further their club plans, build meaningful collaborations with peers and leaders, and set expectations for a happy and successful Rotary year. There's nothing like taking action - together! - to grow club and district spirit. 

Wednesday, April 21 , 2021 | President Elects

5:30 pm 

Opening Welcome 
6:30 pm 
District 650 Rotary Foundation Committee invites you to learn about the many ways in which we support the work of your clubs with District Grants, Global Grants and participation in a variety of Rotary International service programs. We look forward to introducing you to District Rotarians providing leadership for a variety of subcommittees who can help you with fundraising, grants, and the process to engage in service projects. Please join us.        
Josh Mansee | Foundation Director | 2020-2021
Dwight Heaney | Foundation Director | 2021-2022

Wednesday, April 21 , 2021 | Foundation          

6:30 pm 

Opening Welcome 
6:40 pm 

District Giving Overview - Success and Recognition
6:45 pm

Grants and Impact
6:55 pm
International Service Committee
7:05 pm
Grants from around the District
7:15 pm
Building Peace through Scholarships
7:35 pm

Paul Harris Society & Bequest

7:55 pm
Rotary Video
8:00 pm COVID, Measles & Polio | The Battle Yet to Win
8:20 pm
Thanking and Share the Future
8:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Visit the House of Friendship

The Old Fashioned Refreshed. The New Fashioned Rotary Membership Your district membership team will demonstrate how we can take the same timeless pieces we love in Rotary and revitalize them to refresh the membership and your Rotary experience as we prepare an Old Fashioned. A drink whose name was inspired by many people who were too stubborn to change with the times, ordering their drink the old fashioned way, has become a staple at many supper clubs and restaurants.  We plan on having this evening be quite interactive so get your socially distanced watched parties together and come ready to participate!

John Locke
Membership Chair


Schedule & Program

Wednesday, April 21 , 2021 | Membership

6:30 pm 

Opening Welcome - Kaylynn Stahlbusch and John Locke use the ingredients of an Old Fashioned to highlight areas that create a successful Rotary Club including the club environment, leadership, spirit, substance, challenges, club work, and membership efforts.
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Session Breakouts:  Small Club, Medium Club & Large Club
8:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Visit the House of Friendship

Conference Registration

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