Posted by Edwin Bos - District Governor
On Saturday morning June 20th; 518 unique visitors took part in District 6250's Virtual RotaryFest and District Conference on Zoom.  Don't get too excited about the attendance, some Rotarians were only able to stop by for a few minutes while others hung out with us all morning long.  Around 100  international visitors from a variety of countries joined in on the fun with Interact in Nepal being especially well represented. 
We had a lot of fun putting it on and even the occasional hiccup just added spice to the mix ... many got to see a gratuitous shot of a Holstein Frisian as Rotarian Pieter Schouten, a Dutch dairy farmer and the inventor of the interior Rotary Milking Parlor, accidentally went Zoom live while milking his cows!
Virtual RotaryFest was recorded (link below) ... in the video's description on YouTube you can skip to specific segments.  Also, the Chat that was on-going throughout the Virtual Conference is quite interesting, quite international and can be viewed here:  2020 Virtual RotaryFest 2020 Chat.