Posted by Lindsey Schwarz-Nichols - La Crosse County Health Department
I just wanted to reach out one last time to say THANK YO for all of your help over the past 7 weeks.  I can't believe that tomorrow is our 7th and last Food Drive Friday collection.
So far we have collected of 60,000 pounds of food and $70,000 in these 2 hour collection sites.  With all of the online donations and matches, we have raised almost $200,000 and are likely to meet the $50,000 match from Fire Fighters Credit Union and any other donations that come in.  These collections will ensure that the Hunger Taskforce can continue to serve our community.
Thank You to Rotary, Rotary Lights and iFeed ... this would have been much more difficult and likely not as successful without your members.  Your partnership allowed the events to be held at 3 locations because of the colunteers that you secured.
We truly are part of a great community and I can't wait to see the totals ... great work by all involved!