Posted by Edwin Bos - District Governor
From Lift Off to Splash Down; our club specific Mission Control Center has been tracking our progress.  Some highlights as follows:
  • Rotary International Citation:  60 of 60 clubs anticipated.
  • Rotary International Citation with Presidential Distinction:  13 of 60 clubs anticipated..
  • Membership:  Over 200 new members joined us but over 300 members left.  Engagement ... we can and need to do better.
  • Membership:  No new clubs.  An area where we can and need to do better.
  • Rotary Foundation:  Anticipated that 60 of 60 clubs will exceed $100/member in annual giving.
  • Rotary Foundation:  Anticipated that 60 of 60 clubs will have contributed to PolioPlus.
  • Rotary Foundation:  Anticipated over $350,000 in Annual Share Giving and over $110,000 in PolioPlus Giving.  
  • Rotary Foundation:  District sponsored Peace Fellows and Global Scholars.
  • District Grants:  21 District Clubs received District Grants for local projects.
  • Global Grants:  20 District Clubs involved in 15 Global Grants (2019 and 2020).
  • Disaster Grant:  30 District Clubs received funding for local COVID-19 projects from the Rotary Foundation.
  • Interact:  35 District Clubs have Interact Clubs that are identified (many were lost) and fully registered with Rotary International.
  • Rotaract:  No progress; still only two clubs.  An area where we can and need to do better.
  • District Youth Exchange:  40 District Clubs participating in some type of Youth Exchange.  District 6250 Youth Exchange is #1 within Central States Youth Exchange (20 Districts)
  • RYLA:  42 Clubs participating in RYLA.
  • Rotary Friendship Exchange:  15 Clubs participating in RFE.  District 6250 has a very robust RFE program.
  • District Zoom:  Clubs and members trained in Zoom ... bonus accomplishment for the year :)
With the Club and District leadership we have coming down the pike I am confident that we will continue to increase our impact, expand our reach, enhance participant engagement and increase our ability to adapt.  The pillars of Rotary's Strategic Plan.
Detailed club specific Mission Control Center can be viewed here:   Mission Control Center