Posted by Edwin Bos - District Governor
Very happy to report that it looks like our lift off has gotten us into a comfortable orbit.  As many of you know, this coming weekend the 2020-21 Rotary "relief crews" are gathering at PETS in Itasca, Illinois in order to train for their launch this coming July 1st.  In the meantime we have four months before they arrive and all 3,000 have to focus on this year's mission.  Have we met our goals in terms of membership and foundation giving?  Are you and is your club more engaged now than at the start of the year?  Importantly, do you feel you're making a difference?  If not let your president and president-elect know and find something you are passionate about within the Swiss Army Knife that is Rotary!  Relief crew will be here in 4 months ... lets all make sure the transition will be as seamless as possible.  That means stepping up to all that Rotary has to offer! 
The March DISTRICT 6250 MISSION CONTROL CENTER is pushing out a lot of new data about our lift off and how your club and our District are doing.  Follow the link to see the Rotary opportunities that your club may not be taking advantage of.  Find something that you feel passionate about and TELL your club what you want to do.  As I've said all year; don't wait for permission, don't wait for a budget ... people will rally behind your great idea!  Here is just one example related to the picture at right:  DISTRICT 6250 ROTARIAN; FORMER MILWAUKEE BREWER FIND THEIR PASSION.