District Member Count: 2627

Member Growth Success 7/2019 - 6/2020:
Madison After Hours +9, Oregon +5, Onalaska Hilltopper +4

Rotary’s monthly theme for August is Membership and New Club Development. During this disruptive time of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and various “Safer at Home” orders, Rotary clubs have been forced to change the normal way of doing things. Recruiting Rotarians by inviting them to your the traditional club meeting is no longer possible for many clubs. Therefore, some clubs have embraced new approaches. Human beings by nature are social creatures and Rotary has helped many remain connected while in quarantine. Clubs who have Zoom social hours, virtual service projects, email threads, social distancing picnics, Zoom trivia, and a strong social media presence, have seen increases in their membership numbers. It takes some effort to change from what was normal, but people need Rotary now more than ever. The success of a club’s membership is everyone’s responsibility. Please don’t keep Rotary a secret!
There are many ideas and articles on Rotary’s Pandemic page on how to adapt to this new normal. I have highlighted several articles for you to check out at https://blog.rotary.org/tag/covid-19-pandemic/.
Please make membership a focus in August! You have a unique opportunity to invite friends or family who normally cannot join for a lunch meeting. We are all in this together!