Posted by John Storck - President Mayville Rotary Club
Last week the Mayville Rotary Club Board voted to make an initial contribution of $1,500 to a new community project aimed at assisting small, struggling businesses in Mayville and surrounding communities. The project is called "Round Up for a Cause." The project will raise money through donations and also through individuals "rounding up" their purchases at Piggly Wiggly. (The way that works is that if your bill at Piggly Wiggly is $20.10 you could round up to $21 or even $25. The amount of the "round up" would go into a fund to help these struggling businesses.)
The fund has been supported by our Rotary Club, the Mayville Lions, and also by a $5,000 gift from Piggly Wiggly. Additional donations are accepted. Contact ______ if you are interested in participating.

"Read More" for additional details and a draft grant application.
Grant applications may be sent to our Rotary PO Box 134 Mayville. The monies will be funneled through a Rotary checking account. An independent committee has been established to award the grants. All grants applications and award of grants will be kept confidential. 
If you know of an area business that would benefit from a grant please share this with that business. If you run a struggling business you are welcome to use the application. The program will also be advertised in the Pioneer this week.
Attached is an email from _________ that further explains the project.
This project will certainly not be large enough to reach all struggling businesses or to completely solve the financial problem for those who receive a grant.  Some deserving businesses will not receive a grant because of lack of funds. There may be hard feelings because some received a grant while others did not. Despite all of that, I believe it is important that we do something to try to help. Someday we want our communities back. We need our businesses back. This program will give some financial support. Perhaps more importantly it will tell our struggling business owners that we care - that we as a community want them to survive and to reopen. I believe that we should all feel good to know that our Rotary Club is playing a small part with supporting our local struggling businesses during these difficult times. 
Please post this press release and attached grant application on your social media platforms and as well as forward to your e-mail lists:  Please spread the word to help our communities!!!
Our local community as well as Mayville Piggly Wiggly has started an initiative called Round Up For a Cause to help small locally owned businesses in Mayville, Horicon and surrounding communities.  Each time you shop at Mayville Piggly Wiggly, you will have the opportunity to “Round Up” when checking out your purchase.  You can “Round Up” to the next dollar or request to donate even more. Curt Schmidt, owner of Mayville Piggly Wiggly has committed to matching up to $5,000 of these “Round Up” donations.  Other civic groups such as Mayville Rotary and Mayville Lions have also stepped forward to support this cause.
It was determined that the best way to distribute these funds is through a grant process.  An application has been developed and a committee of 5 community leaders has been formed to review the applications.  Completed applications can be mailed to (Round Up For a Cause Fund, PO Box 134, Mayville, WI  53050), e-mailed to ( or dropped off at the service desk at Mayville Piggly Wiggly (1440 Horicon Street, Mayville).
The applications will be considered in the order received and as funds are available.   A letter of acknowledgement and response from the committee will occur within two weeks of submission. The maximum grant award limit is $1000 and all applications are confidential.
Our local community businesses need your support to survive during this unprecedented time, so please “Round Up” when you shop.  The initiative is also seeking other businesses and organizations who are willing to offer financial support.  Please contact this group by e-mail ( or reach out to Curt Schmidt at Mayville Piggly Wiggly – 920.387.3220 - to express your interest in supporting this cause.
Cindy Steinbach, CIC, CISR
Mayville Insurance Agency
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