What do all Rotarians have in common?
There are nearly 1.2 million individuals who belong to Rotary. They are in 34 zones, 529 Districts, 35,000 clubs. And they all have something in common.
Just like a large family, each individual Rotarian is unique and yet, when viewed as a whole, they share a family resemblance. That family resemblance is our brand, our motto, Service Above Self, and our guiding questions, The Four Way Test. Just like a family we share meals and activities together. We grow and learn together. We proudly identify by our Rotary club’s name. Beyond these commonalities is an exciting and unending variety of club experiences.
What does family resemblance have to do with Public Image? Why bring this up now?
We are all beginning a new year, a very special new year. Many, if not most, of us will return to in person meetings.  Our public image will begin to rise as we engage with our communities and are seen again after more than a year of invisibility.
Let’s get ready to be seen!  Pull out your Rotary pin. If you have more than one be sure they are pinned to the jacket you wear most often, the hat you wear on a sunny day.
Belonging to a family as honorable and respected as Rotary is a privilege. We are all proud to be Rotarians. Let’s be recognized as part of the Rotary family.
The Public Image Team looks forward to the coming year serving the District and our 59 clubs through training and tested tools.
Lynn Perez-Hewitt
District 6250 Public Image Chair