Posted by Ronnie Gabalda - PDG District 3850 the Philippines
Greetings to our many friends in District 6250,
I'm very happy to hear that I'll still be "attending" RotaryFest as Rotary's President's Representative!  Sanda, Ethan, Ewan & Emmett are fine.
Despite the challenges, I'd say we're lucky having all of us in good health, and actually enjoying each other's company. I cannot say the same for those with less in life and living in urban slums; they are too vulnerable with the virus.
Just like some of you, we have a Exchange visitor who was trapped here. She's the Rotex host sister of Ethan from France and she's here for her school's 3 month internship program in our company.
Fortunately, she was able to get a slot in their country's repatriation program and got home just yesterday after days for maneuvering the quarantine check points from our place to Manila. We wanted her to stay 'til this all blows away but her family wants her home. Hope your exchange will find a way to go home soon. 
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When Rotary decided to cancel the Honolulu Convention, I knew the President's representative assignment would be withdrawn.  Sanda and I were exited to go and we would have brought with us to Fort Atkinson Ewan and Emmett plus those in our club going to Honolulu.  Maybe they'll be another chance for us to visit. 
I'm leaving you with pictures we took this quarantine season.  Again, stay safe and greetings to the many Rotarians in District 6250 that we here in 3850 have come to know so well over the years.