Posted by Edwin Bos - District Governor
Throughout 2019-20 all of us, without realizing it, have followed the simple strategy of just Doing More with the Swiss Army Knife that is Rotary.  Although we used the Lift Off, Splash Down and Mission Control analogies; none of what we did was rocket science.  I'm happy to announce that the Doing More strategy is now being "adopted" :) by incoming RI President Holger Knaack.  From the July 2020 Rotarian:
All of us love this organization, and all of us should feel we ought to do something to make Rotary stronger.  It's not hard to do MORE:  be MORE involved in your club, MORE interested in your friends, MORE involved in projects and programs.  Ask yourself:  Is our club involved in youth service?  Can we come up with better ideas for fundraising?  And the club also has a responsibility to make people feel good, feel welcome, feel proud.  It has to feel special to be a Rotarian.
It has to feel special to be a Rotarian.  I hope you will all continue to Do More because that is what makes Rotary feel special.  Continue to enjoy yourself, continue to have fun with Rotary, continue to be a little selfish with Rotary.  As I've said all year long, it's o.k. if Rotary benefits you, your family and/or your friends.  Very loosely paraphrasing Obi Wan Kenobi:  Remember, the Swiss Army Knife that is Rotary will be with you ... always.
For those who didn't think I was working this year, I want to mention and thank my clients and especially Rob & Kim Campbell of the Dog & Shrub Distillery in Lake Mills.  We started building their new distillery during Lift Off last July and they opened for business last week.  As a gift I've purchased a one year corporate membership for them with the Lake Mills Rotary Club.  As my last act as District Governor I hereby declare Rob and Kim as the first new District Rotarians for 2020-21.  Let's welcome them and let's welcome many more like them!
A big thank you to all the club presidents, all the assistant governors and the entire district leadership team.  Time flies when you're having fun ... thanks for all your efforts!
Finally, a very special thank you to my wife, Joanna.  Her constant support has benefited our District greatly.  Have a great 2020-21 everyone!