Posted by John Locke - District Membership Chair
As in previous years, in 2019-20 the District is again awarding Membership Grants to Clubs that meet the requirements.  Requirements were given to all the current Club Presidents at PETS.   
Read more for all the details! 
District 6250 Membership Grant Program

The $1,000 District Membership Grant continues! This grant program has been a huge success. The District will again allocate $5,000 for these membership grants. 
The first 5 clubs to recruit four or more new members between July 1st and June 30th of the new Rotary year will be eligible for a $1,000 grant for the new members to use on a project of their choosing.
Important: New members must reach their 4 month anniversary by June 30th and your club must be among the first 5 clubs to do so. Once you have met this criteria, please contact one of our District Membership Committee members.
District 6250 Rotary Club Affiliate Grant Program

Revised, formerly the satellite club grant program. Ability to reinvigorate a non-Rotary community organization in your City by bringing it under the umbrella of your club as an Affiliate. The Affiliate gains all the benefits of the Rotary
organization AND can maintain it’s “old habits”.

● A $2,500 District 6250 Grant is available to the first two District 6250 Clubs that set-up and register an Affiliate by June 30th.
● An Affiliate meets at a different time than the Sponsor Club.
● Affiliate members are registered with Rotary as a member of the Sponsor Club.
● An Affiliate requires a smaller startup member base than a normal Rotary Club and is ideal for attracting new members with a different demographic, availability, or who have a single purpose focus. Affiliates can have different types of meetings than their sponsor club (i.e. weekend or no meal meetings).
● To Qualify for the $2,500 grant the Affiliate needs to have a start-up membership of 10 members. This needs to happen before June 30 th .
● The Affiliate has to start with at least ten members, and ten of the members must be new members, not transferring members from the Sponsor Club.
● Once membership is confirmed by the Sponsor Club’s Membership Committee, the Sponsor Club can claim the $2,500 grant by contacting the District Membership Chair who will, in turn, confirm with the District Governor.
● The $2,500 grant is to be used on the first project that the Affiliate undertakes and:
  • involves the new members in the planning and delivery of a project.
  • provides hands on participation so that the members get to experience
  • serving the community on a Rotary project.
  • can be used for a local or international project if all other criteria are met.
● Sponsor Clubs and Affiliates that receive this grant are asked to report back to the current District Membership Chair and the District Governor 6 months after receiving the grant. This report should include:
  • A brief recap of the project for the District and Club Public Image use.
  • Receipts showing the grant was used for project.
  • The number of individuals helped with the project
  • Current membership numbers of the satellite club
Benefits of sponsoring an Affiliate in District 6250:
● Affiliate Rotarians are members of the Sponsoring Club and grow the Sponsoring Clubs membership.
● Members of the Affiliate can determine their own structure for meeting times, venue, meals, etc. thereby giving flexibility to do what they think best for them.
● A grant of $2,500 to the Sponsor Club for use on an Affiliate project.
● Added members can add volunteer assistance to the host club (and vice-versa) as required for projects.
● Clubs have the ability to target groups or demographics that are unavailable with their current structure, meeting time, etc. (i.e. young professionals, parents with young families, middle managers, or recent retirees)