Posted by Carol Hermann & Andy Bakkum - District Interact Co-Chairs
How many active and registered Interact clubs do we have in the District?  36!  How many High Schools and communities in our District do not have an Interact Club?  A lot!  Why establish a Interact Club in your community?  Engagement!  Bringing young people into the wide wide world of Rotary is exciting for them and and for us.  This spring break La Crosse Interact is sending members to Central America while they also raise funds for a school bus in Afganistan.  Fort Atkinson Interact, for the second time, is sending members to the Philippines to work on various projects.  Lodi Interact has done a piggery project in Zimbabwe and has raised funds to help fight the fires in Australia.  Middleton Interact is helping to drill wells in Liberia!  Locally?  Don't get us started ... 36 clubs in our District and over 10,000 clubs world wide have an impact on their local communities and on their local Rotary clubs that simply can't be measured.
The BIGGEST IMPEDIMENT that most Rotary Clubs see in starting an Interact Club is perceived competition from other High School clubs.  Don't fight them join them!  Co-brand an existing Club that has a similar mission and bring the strengths of Rotary and of Interact to your community.  For students interested in the world, and a lot of them are, Interact brings international connections in spades.  So consider approaching and existing Club Advisor about co-branding and bring Interact to your community.
Finally, we're happy to announce that Holland Foelker (at right); former District 6250 Interactor, former member of the UW-Platteville Rotaract Club and now a member of the UW-Madison Rotaract Club, will be sharing stories about the many connections that Rotary has made for her.  Where?  At RotaryFest - the District Conference with a Twist!  Register today!