Posted by Edwin Bos - District Governor
During the April 28th District Board meeting the Board (Current Board Members) took the following actions.  Established the Alumni / Rotex committee as an official committee of the District.  Tabled discussion on making the International Service Committee an official committee of the District.  Passed District Foundation Committee language that will be incorporated in the District Leadership Plan (DLP). 
Tabled discussion on district reserve percentage, excess reserve and DLP reserve language for a possible mid-June special board meeting as additional information concerning 2019/20 expenses and 2020/21 expenses is expected by that time based on decisions by the Rotary International Directors at their April Board meeting (read more below).  The Board also heard reports from the District Governor, District Governor Elect and District Governor Nominee. 
Finally, Janie Morgan and Joe Ruskey were thanked by the Board for their multiple years of service to the District. 
From Larry Dimmett, Rotary International Director
Here are some of the decisions by the Rotary International board that may affect your district's/club's expenses next year:
--All meeting convenors are strongly encouraged to consider health concerns in deciding whether to hold in-person meetings.
--No in-person meeting shall be mandatory for any participant who may feel uncomfortable attending because of the pandemic.
--Contingency plans are being made to conduct the IA virtually if necessary due to the pandemic.
--Zone institute convenors are strongly encouraged to conduct institutes and GETS/GNTS training virtually, to be decided by the convenors however.
--RI shall not fund any president's representatives in 2020-21; if a district requests, one will be provided at no cost to RI.
--DGs are strongly encouraged to use virtual meetings for club visits in 2020.
--Regional leaders are strongly encouraged to use virtual meetings for training seminars and other events in 2020.