Timeline for an Outbound


Being an Outbound Student is a three-year commitment.  The first year is the application, interview, country assignment and orientation process.  The second year is the year of the exchange.  The third year is the beginning of being a Rebound Student for life.  The student will spend the third year readjusting to life in the United States and helping prepare future outbound students for their exchange. 


August, September, October you will start recruiting or receiving inquires regarding youth exchange.  Students MUST complete the district preliminary application to get started.  This application is found online:  http://www.rotary6250.org/ --> Study Youth Programs --> Outbound Youth Exchange --> Bottom left hand corner under STUDENT LINKS --> APPLY NOW.
The Club should conduct a Club Interview to determine if the student is ready to go on exchange. You can verify they qualify for the program by determining their age and class ranking or grade point average.  They must rank in the top 50% of their class or have a grade point average of 2.75.  Also, the student’s age must be between 15.5 and 18.5 on August 1st of the following year.
Your student will want to review the application and begin preparing the information needed to complete an application.  As the YEO for your club, you should be prepared to help the student complete and obtain the necessary signatures needed to complete the application.  TYPE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.  Handwritten applications are not accepted.  See attached example of acceptable club signature form.


The student will spend the next ten to eleven months in their assigned country learning a new culture. 



The returning outbound students are required to attend Grand Rapids upon their return.  This is their opportunity to help prepare the outbound students for their year abroad. 
September – Inbound Orientation – Rebound students are invited to the Inbound Orientation Weekend.  They have an opportunity to meet students from the country they were hosted.  They help with communications and have an opportunity to reunite with their fellow outbound students. 
Rebounds students are called upon to give presentations to Rotary Clubs.  District 6250 also uses rebound students to help with the interview process and during the orientation sessions.  Using their experiences during their exchange they help prepare the outbounds for their year abroad.


Important signatures are needed on the Student Application Form