Rotary Event Rules

District 6250 Youth Exchange Events are intended to be educational and enjoyable experiences for all who attend.  To accomplish this, we need everyone to comply with the following conditions. 
Violating the rules below could jeopardize your exchange.
  • Students are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  Be on time for your sessions.
  • Students are assigned to rooms.  You are not allowed to switch rooms without Rotary approval.
  • Girls are NEVER allowed in boys rooms and boys are NEVER allowed in girls rooms.  
  • Students must be in their assigned rooms with doors closed no later than midnight (or announced time).  Quiet after midnight.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the event premises without prior approval from Rotary.
  • Students are responsible for your own personal property.
  • Students must wear their name badges to all meetings and meals
  • Students:  No smoking, No alcohol, and No drugs at any Rotary Event.