Responsibilities of an Exchange Student

  1. Ask for a list of expectations from your host family and your host and sponsor club.
  2. Use the local counselor (YEC or YEO) when you need help.
  3. Show appreciation for all that your hosts do you for.
  4. Keep your YEC and YEO informed on your activities.
  5. Always speak the truth.
  6. Discuss problems while they are still small.  Don't wait until things are out of hand before talking to someone.  Communication!
  7. Accept the decisions and discipline of the YEO and YEC with grace...even if you disagree.
  8. Don't play the YEO/YEC and your host parents against one another.  Make friends not adversaries.
  9. If you don't like your YEO/YEC, contact the Club President or someone else in the club to discuss other options.  If that doesn't work contact your Inbound Coordinator for help.

Prepare To Be Ambassador

During your exchange year, you will meet many people who only know your home country though the lens of a movies and TV.  As an exchange student, one of your roles is to help people change these misconceptions.   You should have a good understanding of our country, our culture, our government, and our politics.
You also need to be come familiar with your host country BEFORE you arrive.  Use your resources to learn everything you can about local customs, culture, history, government, and politics.

Prepare a Presentation

Most host Rotary Clubs and some high schools in your host country will ask you to speak to them.  You should prepare a 15 minute presentation about you, your home town, your state, and country.  PowerPoint presentation with photos are helpful to show your guests who you are and where you are from.