Outbound Orientation 2020 - Session #1
Preparing for Exchange & Insurance
Other Videos to watch:
Unbelievable Shocking Cultural Norms from Around The World: https://youtu.be/YlsWtHx1L9s
25 Huge Culture Shocks That People Experience When Traveling: https://youtu.be/gQPKhNbCd6g

Outbound Orientation 2020 - Session #2
What is Rotary?  Who am I representing?
Other Videos to watch:
What is Rotary?:  https://youtu.be/jLUpWV8z3ws
Rotary Peace Centers:  https://youtu.be/Z4ru_KVvjSQ

Outbound Orientation 2020 - Session #3
Taking Care of Ourselves and Youth Protection
& Student Survival Guide
Other Links:
First Night Questions: http://fnq.yeoresources.org
Ashlyn Neader's "One Second a Day": https://youtu.be/OTA0cdhxj1Q

Outbound Orientation 2020 - Session #4
Culture Shock
Other Links:
Justin Burnett's Email:  Jstn.brntt@gmail.com

Outbound Orientation 2020 - Session #5
What you need to know about Travel Arrangements
Tzell Travel 
Other Links:
Ph.  1-800-888-5275
Hilary Chivian, Manager:   hilary@tzellyouthexchange.com  
Hilary's Extension 2101

Sabrina Burgett, Travel Consultant:  sabrina@tzellyouthexchange.com 
Sabrina's Extension 2107

Hope Demogenes, Travel Consultant:  hope@tzellyouthexchange.com  
Hope's Extension 1102