CSRYE Insurance
Required by Rotary International
Part of your Flat Fee
1.  Medical as well as Liability insurance
  •  $1,ooo,ooo medical cap
  •  Covers pre-existing 100%
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Covers all medical treatments
  • Does not cover routine office visits unless treatment is received
  • Does not cover prescriptions unless the result of medical treatment
  • $350 dental
2.  Insurance ID card
  • Make copies
  • Some countries may require you to show proof of insurance to process paperwork
  • Reimbursement insurance – claim form
3.  In Country Insurance
  • Some countries require students to purchase their insurance
  • You will have to purchase and submit invoice for reimbursement
  • Need to purchase insurance as soon as notified as it could hold up paperwork for Visa