Homework Assignments


Learning about your assigned country.  Before you leave you will want to understand enough about the culture, customs, and language to help you survive the first few days.  In order to get more familiar with your assigned country we would like to:
  1. Watch a movie from or about your country. (It would be best if the movie was a popular movie from in their language with English subtitles)
  2. Listen to popular songs from your assigned country
  3. Learn more about your country’s culture. 
    1. Go to http://online.culturegrams.com/    username = riuth    password = csrye17
Write a short (one page) paper about your assigned country.  In your paper tell us the title of the movie that you watched, and a song that you found.  Tell us an interesting fact that you have learned about your assigned country.  Finally, tell what language or languages they speak in your assigned country and whether you have found any apps or other resources for starting to learn your language.  Include in your essay how to say, “Hello.” in your assigned country’s native language.  


What does it mean to be a Rotary Exchange Student? Contact the Youth Exchange Officer (YEO) and/or the Youth Exchange Counselor (YEC) from your Sponsor Rotary Club (you should already know your Sponsor Rotary Club and your YEO - you needed to get their signature for your forms). 
  1. Ask your YEO to tell you what they would expect from an Inbound exchange student. 
  2. Ask about the rules for exchange students and ask whether they expect their Inbound exchange students to attend meetings and participate in service projects. 
  3. Review the Rules and Conditions of Exchange that you filled out as part of your application.
  4. Go to the Rotary District 6250 Outbound Youth Exchange webpage and review the The 3 C's, The 4 D's, and The 6 Be's.  https://tinyurl.com/RYE6250OUTBOUND
Write a short paper on what your Rotary Club expects from their Inbound exchange students and what you think it means to be a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. 


What do you know about Rotary and your Sponsor Rotary Club?  When you are on exchange you are an ambassador of Rotary and your Sponsor Rotary Club.  You may be asked questions about Rotary and about your Rotary Club by people in your host country or even by people here who have heard you are going abroad.  Your assignment is to find out more about Rotary, and your Rotary Club.
  1. You and your parents should attend a club meeting, if possible.
  2. Find the Rotary International website, the Rotary District 6250 website, and your Sponsor Rotary Club website or Facebook page. 
  3. Talk to your YEO about the clubs projects or research your clubs projects online
Write a short paper about Rotary.  Include in that paper at least one project that your Sponsor Club does.  Also include in your paper a one of the causes that is part of Rotary International’s seven areas of focus. 


What will you tell your Host Club about yourself and your country?  When you are in your host country you may be required to give a presentation on yourself, your country, and your hometown. 
  1. For this assignment create a presentation to give to host club in your host country
  2. Have your sponsoring club review the presentation and give you feedback on anything that you may need to add to your presentation. 
  3. Schedule a date with your Sponsor Rotary Club to give your practice run presentation. 
  4. Your Youth Exchange Officer must send us a short email regarding your presentation, and that you email us and describe the feedback that your received from your club about your presentation.
The presentation should be what you will present when you are abroad, and your club should be your practice run and your YEO should give you pointers on how to improve your presentation so you are ready to present when you get to your assigned country.  This assignment must have an email submitted from both the student and the Youth Exchange Officer to be complete.  


What to expect while on exchange? 
  1. Read “The Exchange Student Survival Kit” book handed out at the District Outbound Orientation. 
  2. Share at least one tip on how to cope with culture shock, homesickness or how you might deal with a problem between you and your host family.
Write a short paper about ideas or tips that you learned from reading the book that will help you while you are on exchange. 


Learning the Language.  At District Orientation we stressed the importance of using any means possible to learn as much of the host country language as you can before you leave.  On the Outbound Youth Exchange Page of the Rotary District 6250 website is a list of Key Phrases to Learn in the Local Language.  Your assignment is to:
  1. Write a thorough introduction for yourself in your target language, you will need to be able to introduce yourself to your host Rotary Club and others.
  2. Translate the Key Phrases to Learn in the Local Language found on the Outbound page of the District 6250 Website.