East High School
2222 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI  53704
United States of America


We had several Madison area students not attend the District Interviews on Sunday.  In an attempt to get more students to participate in this program, I have scheduled an alternative interview on Wednesday, November 13th between 5:30-7:30 pm at MADISON EAST HIGH SCHOOL (library).  If you are still interested in living/studying abroad for 2020-21 with Rotary, please come to this interview!  The application deadline is November 25th to be on time.


The students will be interviewed by a team consisting of Rotarians and Rebound Exchange Students (students who have already done an exchange).   Once the student starts the interview, he/she will be done within 20 minutes. While the student is interviewing, the parents will be meeting with the Youth Exchange Committee.  You will have time to ask questions about the Financial Agreement, the application, and/or about the program. 

In addition, the student and parent(s) will be meeting with a Rotary Representative to turn in completed application documents (whatever you have ready), the signed Financial Agreement, the Photo Release form, and the first payment.  We can accept credit card payments, checks, and cash.  Please note the fee is different if made by credit or debit card. 

Once your questions are answered, have done the paperwork review, and the student has gone through the interview, you may leave. 


•           First Deposit $600 (check, credit card, cash)

•           Supplemental Documents (started or completed) – we will check the progress.

•           Financial Agreement Signature page

•           Photo Release Form

STUDENTS:  Dress comfortably but also remember that you are making first impressions.

Students will be notified about their acceptance into the program within 1-2 days of the interviews. 


East High School - Library

2222 E Washington Ave

Madison, WI 53704



Toni Pabon

Outbound Co-Coordinator
Rotary Club of Sun Prairie 
District 6250, Wisconsin USA

810 Brook Street

DeForest, WI 53532

Cell Phone: 608-628-7306

Email: toni.pabon@charter.net