RY 2023-2024                                                                                          Issue #8
"All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt."- Charles M. Schulz
Welcome to February, the month most of us associate with LOVE and in the RI world, the focus is on PEACE.  Both important.  Both necessary to create HOPE in our world.  And if you're a Packers fan, LOVE did create HOPE, even if it didn't end like we wanted.   
Thank you for all you are doing in your communities and clubs to promote peace and spread the LOVE of Rotary.  My hope for you today is that the month ahead finds you enjoying an abundance of it all – peace, love & hope.  AND.....may there also be a little chocolate because life could always use a little of unexpected sweetness.
As you lean into days ahead, pay particular attention to your self-care and the mental health for those around you. February can be a challenging month for us all. The looming days of darkness, cold weather, and isolation can really affect the pep in our step.  Check in with your fellow Rotarians, share messages of inspiration and hope, and get outside to take in the extra minutes of sunlight we are given. You can also find an abundance of resources on our website thanks to our partnership with NAMI.  
There are so many things to look forward to as well as you prepare for the months ahead.  
Megs is coming to District 6250!!  We are so excited to welcome our AMAZING administrative consultant, Megs Lunn, this upcoming February 11 - March 4th.  She will be traveling throughout the district meeting with clubs and offering her insight and expertise.  Aaron Frank is leading the logistics of her visit and if you'd like to get involved, please reach out to him at: aaron@madisontop.com
Join us at Tri-Con this April. Tri-Con is the perfect opportunity to LEARN through our Plenary Speakers and Workshops, CONNECT with other Rotarians from around the State of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota AND an opportunity to BE INSPIRED to serve our local and international communities. We have over 24 workshops to help Rotarians Create Hope in the World, Create Hope in our Communities and Create Hope in our Clubs. 
Finally, registration for our District RYLA Camp is open, as is our need for Rotarian staffers. RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a weekend youth leadership experience at Camp Upham Woods in Wisconsin Dells for sophomores in high school. Clubs sponsor these students and coordinate their transportation to and from the camp. Each student registration is $250 and the experience they receive in return is a life changing one full of strong connections, inspiring activities, an introduction to Rotary and a weekend of memories. RYLA delegates make a great club program and are a great example of the awesome youth programs that we offer here in District 6250.
Click HERE for more information on how to register a student, or how you can get involved as a counselor or volunteer.
Love, peace and hope sent your way my Rotarian friends!
Michelle McGrath, Ed. D
D6250 Governor
RY 2023-2024

ri President gordon R. Mcinally


Rotary members have responded positively to a survey by the Rotary Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives, requesting more fellowship, conversation, recognition, service opportunities, and wellness activities. Rotary clubs can improve connection by encouraging members to speak with someone new during meetings. Rotary's inherent strength is its ability to create greater connectedness and increase belonging. Clubs that have found new ways to build connection should share their stories with the Rotary world. The organization aims to improve the personal well-being of members and foster a community that cares deeply about mental health. Improving mental health helps strengthen connections within Rotary and the community.

Read his full message HERE 


District 6250’s Global Scholar Reports from Oxford, U.K.
by: Tierney Ray Hall

In addition to relieving my financial anxieties, the Rotary Global Grant Scholar experience has already provided me with new friends and new adventures.

“Michaelmas Term,” the first of three terms here at Oxford, began with introductions to my fellow Global Grant Scholars. This group includes students from Australia, Italy, Malawi, Germany, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, and locations across the US. We all received our official Thames Valley Rotary Scholar sweatshirt as well as a presentation on British culture and language (“Gloucester” is pronounced “Gloster,” “Magdalen” is pronounced “Maudlin,” and at Oxford and only at Oxford, the tea bag goes in prior to the hot water and milk, etc., etc.). Our host club then gave us each a list of the many trip opportunities we would be given over the course of the academic year.


by: PR Lyn Perez-Hewitt
“The world will ask who you are, and if you do not know, the world will tell you.”
Carl Jung was probably not thinking of Rotary when he said that. But he could have been.
Public Image is public perception and when we do not tell the world who we are it will fill in the gap and make something up.
If you are telling your story, make sure you tell the whole story. It’s not just the food drive, the highway cleanup, the golf tournament. Share WHY you are collecting food, cleaning the highway, playing golf…the WHOLE story is about service…to your community, to answer a call, to fill a need…
Then your Public Image heart will be full and the world will know who Rotary is.
D6250 Hope Squad, led by Governor Michelle McGrath, is committed to promoting mental health and wellness, a significant focus for our district and RI. We are excited to announce the successful mental health series on January 16th, in collaboration with NAMI.
Watch the latest webinar here...
RYLA: A Leadership Journey to Change Yourself and the World

Do you think you have what it takes to be an influential leader? Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a unique leadership program organized by Rotary clubs and districts. This intensive experience helps you develop your leadership skills while also making connections and having fun. Don't miss out on our upcoming RYLA camp at Camp Upham Woods in Wisconsin Dells – the countdown is on! Read more...

The Four Way Test
by: Michelle Skemp
The Rotary Club of Downtown La Crosse takes full advantage of the Four-Way Test. We use these four statements as guidelines in all that we think, say and do as a club.
Our club also observes and follows the areas of focus established by Rotary International as key areas to build upon within our club.
Previously, our club established a strategic plan which encompassed the Rotary International areas of focus. This strategic plan has served as a road map for our club as we move from year to year.  
Recently, we reviewed specific items from our strategic plan with breakout sessions during our weekly meeting. Upon entering, we selected random table numbers for our seating arrangement and reviewed the meaning of the Four-Way Test to promote open and honest discussions over specific topics of interest.
By creating this open environment, each Rotarian, whether in person or in a breakout room online, had the opportunity to share their voice in a respectful and honest setting. This format allowed an opportunity to see how all of us can be very different, yet come together with shared goals and visions for the betterment of our club.  
February is a month full of heart(s)
We celebrate Valentine's Day as well as Rotary's birthday this month. Give yourself a Valentine and Rotary birthday gift at the same time when you register for TriCon24. Not only will you be giving yourself the gift of Rotary Magic, between now and the 15th you save $47 on your full registration!

Give yourself the gift of leadership when you register now for TriCon24.
Mississippi River Operation Pollination Partnership
The first signing of the Mississippi River Operation Pollination Partnership in La Crosse, Wisconsin (September 2023) under DG Michelle McGrath's Rotary leadership.
District Governor (5960) Patricia McCleese signs the Mississippi River Operation Pollination Partnership at her mid-season Conference alongside the District's DGE Ed Boeve and DGN Glenn Bowers.  Saturday January 6, 2024. (Photos: Chris Stein)
Latest news is that there are now 198 organizations, including our district, have signed the Pollinator Pledge thus far, indicating everyone's support for the initiative. Read more...

D6250 Administrator is visiting the district
by: Aaron Frank


Hello everyone. I am excited that the sunshine will continue to be longer each day this month. I am sure that will bring out a bunch of smiles, however not nearly as many as will come out when Megs come to visit this month and next.

We are so excited to spend time with her and taking her around. Her visit will be split between the Lacrosse , Madison, and Eau Claire areas as home bases for her visit. If you would like to host her during you stay please let me know with an email to aaron@madisontop.com
If hosting is not an option currently please consider taking her out for a meal or show her around for a day trip or exciting spot to see in the district. This is a great way to show her around and spend some time with her. This is an opportunity for all 6250 members to get involved!
Please join us in welcoming Megs and enjoying our time with her.


(DTTS) District Team Training Seminar - Madison
Ed Felten Training Center
Feb 17, 2024
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Board Meeting
Feb 17, 2024
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Mar 01, 2024 - Mar 03, 2024
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Upcoming Club Events
Group 8
Kids Against Hunger Meal Packing Event
Mar 16, 2024
12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Madison-After Hours
Group 9
Winterfest - A Taste of Oregon
Mar 09, 2024
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
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