Below are the next steps.
  1. Make sure you have your first two payments.  November Payment was $600 and December Payment was $800, total of $1,400 to date.
    • Payment by personal check or money order payable in U.S. funds to “District 6250 RYE Program”.
    • District 6250 RYE Program
    • c/o Morgan Data
    • 2820 Walton Commons, Suite 103
    • Madison, WI 53718
    • Check the schedule for the next payment due April 1 ($2,625)
  2. Current sophomores:   Arrange to take your ACT’s before you leave
  3. Parents:  Check with your Insurance Provider to see if your student is covered while on exchange (supplemental insurance to the Central States Insurance Policy)
  4. Buy a Navy Blue Blazer.
  5. Check the Outbound Calendar for any date conflicts.  Contact Toni Pabon if you can’t attend a mandatory event.  Next one is February 28-March 1 in Madison.
  6. Start learning the language with Pimlseur Language App (an email with details will be sent to you).  The district has purchased licenses for each of you.
  7. Check out the Homework AssignmentsFirst one is due February 15th.