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On February 12th, the Fort Atkinson Rotary Club led by Pres. Jill, organized a hybrid meeting with the Rotary Clubs of Jefferson and Lake Mills. Additionally, Bob Cheek from Fort Atkinson never fails to bring a sense of fun to the meeting. Admin Megs also had the opportunity to reconnect with Rotarians Tom, Thomas, Ellen, and Jim from the 2015-2016 Rotary Friendship Exchange (RFE) group.








District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND) PP Scott Ryan, representing the Holmen Area Rotary Club, paid a brief visit last Feb. 15, to the Rotary Club of Fitchburg-Verona Horizons. President Tim, PR Lyn, and other members present warmly welcomed him. Moreover, he is set to host Administrator Megs Lunn for a couple of days in the La Crosse area.








On February 15th, during the La Crosse-Downtown Rotary Club meeting, President Eva Marie energetically led the discussion. The meeting featured a Classification Talk, Tricon promotion, Member Spotlight Interview, Rotarians in the News, and much more. D6250 Administrator Megs was introduced and spoke about promoting RFE in the Philippines, leading to a couple expressing interest in signing up. Rotarian Emily shared her Classification Talk, discussing her education focus on Leadership in Innovation and values instilled by her father. She promotes peaceful solutions, public policy post-communism, and values getting to know club members beyond titles.






Rtn. John from the Rotary Club of Fitchburg-Verona Horizons shared his personal motivation behind being a part of Rotary. He realized the significant impact of Rotary's work during his travels abroad, witnessing firsthand the positive changes their club had brought to people's lives. Introducing his son to a Rotary event also shifted his son's outlook on life. He emphasized the importance of actively participating in Rotary projects to truly understand and appreciate the organization's value.









The Rotary Global Grant plays a crucial role in our efforts to make a positive impact in the world. Jason Larsen, a Rotary Club of La Crosse-East member and the executive director of St. Clare Health Mission, enthusiastically shared how the clinic has positively impacted the lives of uninsured or underinsured individuals. The Rotary mobile clinic offers primary care, wound care, vaccinations, and other services.













During the Holmen Area Rotary Club meeting on February 14th, Admin Megs discussed her role for coming to Wisconsin. PDG Dean spoke about Tricon, Megs on RFE, and Scott on Youth Exchange, among other topics. Nancy received her PHF+3 award. The club is known for its energetic morning meetings, making it a vibrant start to the day. The Holmen Area Rotary Club embodies a strong sense of camaraderie and enjoyment. During their assembly, they engage in breakout sessions by committee, discussing updates, assessing past and current events, and outlining future plans. Kudos to President Kelly for leading the club successfully and to co-President Justin, too.







Winners of the recent 14th Annual Freeze Fest button design contest for 2024 by the Rotary Club of Tomah were: 8 & Under: Izza Deer (not pictured), 9-12: McKenna Tardiff and 13-17 (and overall winner): Hannah Raabe McKenna and Hannah are shown in a photo with contest sponsor Jeremy Haun of Edward Jones Financial (left) and Tomah Rotary Club President Mike Hanson. While, we also congratulate Staci Gebczyk, who won the 2024 Freeze Fest Medallion Hunt and received her prize from Tomah Interact Club members. Next year's hunt is being prepared for a challenging event.





Mr. Horeb Rotary Club sends a big thank you to all the superheroes who lent a hand and joined the recently concluded and successful Super Brunch bash!





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