We acknowledge your feedback! It has come to our attention that many Rotarians who are social media users on platforms like Facebook are unaware of the existence of D6250.

Our D6250 Facebook account has improved significantly, becoming more vibrant, active, and well-managed. It is gradually increasing engagement and attracting more followers.


Presence in social media, especially on platforms like Facebook, plays a significant role in shaping our Rotary’s Public Image in today's digital age. Our public image is influenced by the deeds of our members, the initiatives we participate in, the difference we make, and various other factors.

Facebook, as one of the largest social networks, offers a unique space where individuals can connect, share, and communicate with a global audience. (Latest data attached)

Maintaining an active presence on Facebook involves more than just posting updates. It requires engaging with friends, family, and communities through comments, likes, and shares. This interaction fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens our community relationships, regardless of physical distance.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to visit our D6250 Facebook Page, share it with others, especially with your community, and help spread awareness about Rotary. By doing so, we can expand our Rotary network, attract new members to your club, and establish partnerships for service.

VISIT and REACT, RE-SHARE D6250 Facebook Page...

We are grateful that several clubs have shared their club activities and updates to potentially amplify the impact of our shared content. 

Please share your story/stories by sending an email to the administrator at this address admin@rotary6250.org