By now you have probably heard the word “podcast”. Maybe you even listen to one or more. 
If you don’t feel ready to produce a regular podcast, you can relax. Few of us have the skills, yet. But…we can all start asking questions of our club members and recording what they say. A simple question like: How did you come to be a Rotarian? Or something with a bit more depth: What keeps you in Rotary?
Do you need a tape recorder? If you have one, feel free to use it. Or…use that smartphone in your hand, in your pocket, on your desk, next to your cup of coffee. The recordings can be emailed to whoever will keep track of them until the club decides how to use them and share them.
Many clubs have returned to in-person meetings. Adding regular brief recording sessions may add a fresh motivation for showing up in person. Try “The question of the week” Or create something all your own, then share your idea with your AG.
And remember to have fun. Making recordings may create lots of laughter, may stir memories for sharing, could even prompt brainstorming for something new.
Until next month, thank you for all you do.
Lynn Perez-Hewitt
District 6250 Public Image Chair